Did you take home a Hug-a-Bear Goldendoodle? We did and thought it would be fun to stay in touch with other Hug-a-Bear families. Maybe we can even organize some "romps".

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  • Connie...so glad everything is going well with Phoebe!! We weighed Bentley yesterday and he is almost impossible 19lbs lol..still feels skinny to me though. Potty training is getting better...he is finally getting the hang of it (most of the time :). Has Phoebe been teething a lot or nippy? Bentley seems to be very mouthy and nippy first thing in the morning but great the rest of the day. I had to laugh...remember how I told you in our email that we bought him a kiddie pool? Well, Melayna was swimming in the regular pool with a friend the other day and guess who jumped right in!!! He was having a blast! Silly pups..they are so much fun and such sweethearts!! Oh..I meant to ask you, I randomly check the Hug A Bear website and I had noticed that Baby Blue boy was still available up until the other day...now it says "Guess Who"? Do you know, did Colleen decide to keep him? Wasn't sure if you had talked to her recently ;). Soon glad all is well with you and Phoebe...can't wait to see more pics of your little angel ♡
  • Hi all.  I finally have a name.  Phoebe.

    I'm 11 weeks old now and weight 15.8 lbs.

    I know basic commands, but haven't connected the potty training dots yet.  My mom is being patient with me though.

  • My girl is home now!  No name yet.  Any suggestions?

  • Melayna that's great!  Can't wait to hear about his first day home.  Still no name for my girl…just can't find one that 'fits' her yet.

  • SO CUTE! Keep the puppy pics coming, ladies! And congratulations. <3

  • No name yet…we have several on a list but none fit her yet.  Welcome suggestions :)

  • She is so cute!

  • Yes and she is adorable.  I will post some pictures of her today.


  • Connie,

    I feel badly but we didn't see pink girl yesterday :(. When we arrived at Colleens she had Bentley in her arms and brought him downstairs with the other litter of pups. It was a pretty hot day here yesterday and she said it was much cooler downstairs..so that's why we went down there. I was kinda bummed because I was hoping to see all the pups from our litter. I bet you are super excited to finally get her..I know we are counting down the days!!! As far as names..I loved the ones you picked out, the were cute. A few I can think of are : Maizey ( remember when I said my mom loved and would pick Pink Girl if she were getting one...she said she would name her Maizey :)), Sedona, Camden, Sugar, Penelope, Abagail or Abby, Addyson, Addalyn or Addy, Brooklyn, Missy, Luna, Lexi, Kali, Princess, Barbie, Paige, Quinn, Tula, Ashton, Ava or Eva, Doodles, Posie...Are you wanting an actual girl name or just anything cute? If I think of anymore, I will pass them along ;) Good luck ;)
  • How was my baby pink girl?  I can't wait.  Still don't know what I'll name her.  Any suggestions?

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Future Hug a Bear Owner with Questions

Hi All!I went and met some of your puppies a few weeks ago (when they were 8 weeks), fell in love and have submitted an application for an August puppy! I have two questions for current owners:I was told by Colleen that the dogs, "do not shed." Is this true or are you expienceing shedding and how much?I saw this review online that some dogs are experiencing allergy issues. Are any of you seeing this with your dog?I would love if you could comment, message me or send me a personal email…

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