A place for anyone who lives in the Hawkeye state! Although we are few and far in between, join us so we can set up doodle romps and share recommended groomers, pet supply stores, etc.
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  • I'm glad there are some Iowa Doods out there. I saw a beautiful one outside the ISU small animal clinic and it regally looked down on my mini with a passing glance!
  • We live north of Waterloo and would love to have a doodle romp.

  • Hi -- just joined Iowa doodle group in hopes of a romp -- I live in Michigan, but I graduated from Coe College, my son graduated from Iowa State and my Doodles were born in Solon, IA -- and I'm quite open to travel (doods do travel well, don't they...) I'll get a  photo soon of Brewster (chocolate standard Aussie Dood) and Simba (red/gold mini Aussie Dood) -- and they are quite social, under 5 years of age and looking for fun in all the wrong places --
  • I'm up for that! I know Samantha and I have talked about getting our doodles together but we haven't been able to make it happen yet. Let me know if you guys plan anything!
  • My Socrates is just going nuts in all the snow, he loves it! Me, not so much...I think one this summer would be great!

    I'm not that familar with NW Iowa, I'm from the Dubuque area, but I'm definitely open to travel if you get something together. I can help organize as well, my doodle would just love this and I would love to see him interact with other doods!

  • we are in NW Iowa and would love to have a doodle romp this summer! not that our dood would mind one in all this snow.... lol*

    anyone know of a park or large area we could all meet up an let our doods romp??

  • This is a great idea! Sorry I didn't notice the invite sooner...
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