Foster families needed in IA

Has anyone considered fostering a doodle for DRC?  It can be a very rewarding experience.  There seems to be more doodles than families.  Just wanted to let people know there's a needed if anyone has ever considered it.

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  • I have been trying to foster/adopt a Doodle from DRC for a couple months now! I just posted a discussion asking if there is anything else I can do to actively seek out a doodle or if I need to sit back and be patient. I have already read the policies and procedures and filled out an adoption application so it is on file.  

    The more I look at breeders, the more I want to adopt but I am beginning to become impatient. Are there any respectable breeders around Iowa? Is there a list I can find somewhere? I am willing to travel a couple hundred miles. If I am going to buy, I am looking for a medium sized standard Golden Doodle. 

    • I would love to get a couple of names of kennels! I accepted your friend request, so please message me! Thank you!
    • Hi Ellie,

      I saw your post about looking for a doodle in Iowa. I see you are from Cedar Rapids. I live in Urbana and work in CR. My husband and I have a golden doodle that will be 3 this year and are on a waiting list for a new puppy this fall. I can give you the name of a couple kennels in Iowa if you are interested. I added you as a friend and can message you once you accept.


  • Can you tell me more about this?

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