A group for Jocque and Rubi's puppies. A place to share, ask questions, and keep up with all these adorable siblings!
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  • Havent been on here for a while!   But thought I would stop by seeing today is the boys 4th birthday!!  Hope everyone is well

  • Here's the fan club page.  I forget how you join, but if you're interested and can't figure out how, I'll find out.


    The Doodle Lovers Romping Room.
    Welcome to the Doodle Lovers Romping Room. All doodles of every type are welcome here! This is a place where anything is available to be discussed, h…
  • Halas is great.  He's from an early Rubi and Jocque litter, but still a sibling.  You guys should join the Paw Pad Face Book group!

  • I can't believe we have had the boys for a year!!! What a year it's been, I can't remember life without my crazy Barley!!!
  • Happy Birthday..Brothers!! 1 year old...Reilly is hoping that he and all his brothers get a special treat tonight!!
  • Halas wishes all of his brothers a happy birthday!
  • Can't believe our little boys are already 1!! Hope all the pups have a great day :)
  • happy birthday to all rubi and jocque puppies born last nov 30th. can't believe they are already 1; not ready to stop calling charlie my puppy!
  • Barley is doing all the same things! The matting is starting to get real bad, he is going in for a grooming session on Saturday!!! YAY.
  • charlie is between 24 and 25 pounds; i hope he's almost done growing becuase i think its a great size! hope all of your are enjoy yours too; so sad that i almost can't call him a puppy anymore...
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