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  • Hi All,

    It has been a long while since I have been on the forum, since then my puppy Evie is now over 2.5 years old. Plus we also have a human baby now. Who is just getting to the age where there is interaction between them besides the obsessive licking.

    I am struggling with giving everyone equal attention atm, especially when there is bad weather or I am working from home. 

    Looking forward to spending time on here to get advice and support :)


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  • Coby (15 weeks) looks like she can't wait to get away fast enough from my grandson - who is pleased as punch to be holding the pup's lead!3366632492?profile=original

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  • 3365231251?profile=originalLacey loves for Olivia to rub her!

  • Hudson (4months) and our youngest, Parker (2). They don't always see eye to eye, but I can see the beginnings of a great friendship :)

  • Darwin with my little sister Naomi. She used to be terrified of dogs, and we carefully introduced Darwin to her when he was a little puppy. Now they are best friends!

    And my Darwin with my nephew Wes

  • Thanks. They are quite the duo!
  • Lori, it looks like she's sleeping with a stuffed animal! So cute!
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Bad Experience the other day at the Dog Park

Yesterday, Sunday, was a nice day in Seattle, no rain.  I decided to take our newer pup , Ayla,( she's 18 weeks old and has been with us for 3 weeks now) to the nearby dog park, to meet other dogs since  she's had all her shots.  She was very fearfull at the beginning with us, but now at home, she is happy and plays with our other pup (2 weeks older than her, Storm- who is  a mini), also she does very well on our nearby walking trail/bike path.  I took my 5 yr old son with me & Ayla .  This was…

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When did your dood settle down??

Or did he or she EVER settle down?  Right now Grayson is 5 months old and 40 pounds.  He is ALL puppy but has no clue he is the size he is.  I am having some issues with him and my three boys all in the house together.  My boys are 5.5, 3, and almost two.  Grayson tries to be a good boy, and he is for his age, so I am not complaining---I am just wondering when they start to settle a bit. 

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Are the children jealous of the doodle or vice versa?

Doodles overall are such happy to meet you kind of dogs, so I would think it's very rare to find one who is jealous of the kids. But...What about the other way around?My youngest grandson who lives nearby is my best buddy. I certainly don't love him any more than the others, we just have a special relationship. When Zeke first came to live with me, grandson was sure that Zeke had taken his place in my affections. It didn't take long for him and Zeke to become playmates and as his jealousy…

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Does your doodle have a favorite kid?

Ok, so we know that the kids think WE have son is always telling me how I take my daughter more places, buy her more things, love her more, is exhausting! I don't have favorites, she is just at a more needy age....I mean, come on....she is a 16 year old girl without a drivers license, lol.....of course I am carting her around constantly! Anyway....yesterday he says....well it's a good thing we got Fenway....finally someone around here likes me best. Fenway does seem…

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