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  • I just visited the Labradoodledoo site and found out that Sandi was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. There is a blog that details all she is going through. It is very sad.
  • Good to hear from you Angie, and that Hudson and Lily are doing well. I get a little sad sometimes, thinking both Lucy and Oscar are getting up there in years nearing the top end of their lifespans. Its inevitable I guess, but still... Losing either one of them will be a very sad day.

  • Hi Debb! I haven't been on here in a really long time either. Hudson (Ryobi/Fonzi October 2008) has just started showing his age. He is still has spunk, but is starting to show a lot of stiffness in his hips. He also has a few lipomas (fatty tumors), and gets sebaceous cysts. Other than these things, he has been an extremely healthy dog the last 10 years. He is sooo smart... just like a human in a dog's body! 

    We also have Lily (8 years old) from Riverbend Labradoodles. She has also been very healthy. She is much more lab like, and Hudson is much more Poodle. Their personalities compliment each other well. 

    Corinne- I'm glad Hudson's Littermate, Harley, is doing well after his cancer scare!

    I hope all of the other Labradoodledoo Doodles are also doing well!



  • Hi everyone! Just wanted to check in as its been a few years since I peeked in last. Lucy (born 11-2009 Fonzy/Ryobi) is doing well. As spunky as ever. She'll never outgrow her puppy-ness and although her right hip gets a bit stiff after a long nap she still likes to jump and run and play! She's much more Poodle than Lab in her characteristics. Too smart for her own good! Her health is good overall. She has several benign fatty tumors that so far haven't given her any problems as far as mobility goes. Vet could excise and I'll probably get it done soon, as they continue to grow.

    Oscar (born 9-2012 Monty/T-Bella) is the big, selfish cuddle-bug and always will be. He's all boy and has many more Lab traits than Poodle. Health is good although he has numerous benign bumps on his back. I've forgotten what they're called, but they start out very small and hard and grow gradually over time. The bumps themselves are filled with hair cells. Eventually, they erupt and sometimes disappear. Looks like he'll probably always have a few at any one time.

    Jennifer, I'm sorry I missed your discussion last summer regarding Milo's health problems. Glad to hear its something treatable. Hope he's doing well.

    Corinne, so happy to hear Lucky is cancer free! 

    Kristin, what are the odds of having 2 doodles with Addison's?? That's crazy!  Its good, though, that you have experience with it and know how to treat it. Hope your pack is doing well!

  • Hi from Lucky, (AKA Harley Doginson), born in October 2018 from Ryobi and Fonzi. We are excited to catch up wall the litter “sisters and brothers”. Lucky is great, but we did have a major cancer scare three years ago. The vet biopsy showed sarcoma in a very problematic location on his leg. Super surgeon, hideous, painful and stressful recovery. Happily, the second biopsy, sent to the vet school in Colorado, was absolutely clean. 

  • We finally got the lab results from Milo's blood tests and endoscopy.  He was diagnosed with Lympho plasmatic IBD and low B12.  So although it's something we will deal with for all his life we do know he does not have cancer or any of the other big diseases. So for now he has to have daily B12 injections and we will be trying some different foods (this is always the tuffy) If I can not find a food that works to not give him load stomach squirts and noises and bile then we will have to go on a hydrolyzed protein food from the vet.  Which will be my LAST resort.  I had recently switched him to GO limited Turkey and he was doing really well for about 3 weeks before this last flare up where he got really sick.  BUT we had gone to the Oregon coast with him and stayed at a great pet friendly hotel that had treats handed out freely (I think they were milkbones) and that is when he started getting sick so I'm hoping it was to do more with this. The vet wanted me to try a protein he had not had before so I bought a limited Ing venison.  Well his stomach started with the squirty noises and he was up and down most of the last couple nights so I took him off of this!  (because the next faze would be bile throw up) I am going to try again the food I had switched to that he seemed fine on for several weeks and see how he does.  I have cooked homemade food for him in the past but not on a regular basis.  We had him on prednisone just for 1 week to calm the inflammation and right now he is just having B12 shots and no meds. Sometimes I really feel the kibble is the problem.  I did start him back on probiotics and will not stop giving him these ever! I also ordered dehydrated goats milk from honest kitchen to try and their bone broth and perfect form.  I like what I read about their products.  Has anyone tried these or their dehydrated foods?  VERY expensive but so is the prescription crap the vet recommends.  Anyone who has had IBD issues and has tried any of these products I would LOVE to hear from you.  When my baby doesn't feel good I am such a mess! He is not in crisis mode now but I really do not want to have another set back! Strict Mama from here on out on any thing he eats that's for sure!! Here is a pic of him today at the beach just for a short visit.  I also keep his walks shorter till I know he is feeling better with his B12 levels.3367087086?profile=original

  • Thank you.  Still waiting to hear back from the internist for his biopsy results.  After reading one of his brothers (Monty/Sputnik 9/2013) has Addisons and researching symptoms, now I want to go back and make sure his original blood work was tested correctly for this!

  • I’m sorry Milo has problems and I hope this round of tests gets to the true cause. Please keep us posted. 

  • Hi All, Have not been on this forum for a while.  Milo is from Monty/ Sputnik 9/13 litter (aka Cubit) I was back looking through these as we have had lots of GI issues with Milo.  I contacted Sandy by email and phone but she always claims to know of no issues.  I saw the post that one of his siblings has addisons.  This has been ruled out. We have had several xrays,  and ultrasounds over the years, diet changes, but finally saw an internist in Tacoma and had a scope done. He found abnormalities in the stomach and intestine.  Waiting for his biopsy results, should have them in 10 days or so.

  • I just wanted to share that I found out today that Rooney (9/5/13 Sputnik/Monty) has Addison's, this is in addition to Delilah (11/6/09 Ryobi/Fonzi) who also has Addison's.  Not sure how I can be so unlucky to have 3 sick dogs all from the same line (Samson 10/08 Ryobi/Fonzi passed away from Lymphoma in 13).  Thankfully I know how to deal with Addison's and knew what to look for before Rooney went into crisis mode.  I've emailed Sandi to let her know.  

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Hello from Sandi and Brewster

Hello all!  I finally bit the bullet and stopped lurking and joined Doodlekisses!  Brewster is from the Ryobi/Fozzy breeding, born October 2008.  He was initially called Dodge.He is now the big boy I hoped he would be.  Weighing in excess of 75 pounds.  He's very mellow and loves to hang out at local restaurants with me in Ashland, Oregon.Are some of his litter mates members of this group?

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