Hello from Sandi and Brewster

Hello all!  I finally bit the bullet and stopped lurking and joined Doodlekisses!  Brewster is from the Ryobi/Fozzy breeding, born October 2008.  He was initially called Dodge.

He is now the big boy I hoped he would be.  Weighing in excess of 75 pounds.  He's very mellow and loves to hang out at local restaurants with me in Ashland, Oregon.

Are some of his litter mates members of this group?

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  • Hi! Lucky is from this litter, also a big boy at 68#. He is a dream dog...he romps on the Sunriver golf course very early in the AM.   Corinne 

  • Hi Sandi! Good to see you joined the group! I'm curious... how did you hear about us? I remember seeing pictures of Brewster on Sandi's site (Labradoodledoo.com), and thinking he looked so much like Lucy does now. Lucy is from Ryobi's last litter (as is Molly and Tura). I haven't had her weighed in a few weeks, but at last count she was about 45lbs (and just over 9 months old). Can you tell us when Brewster stopped growing? I'm just wondering how much larger Lucy will get. She doesn't seem to be currently in a growing spurt, but I know that can change anytime in the next 3-5 months.

    Hope to see more pics of Brewster and stories soon!
  • Hudson is the only littermate in this group, but the other members are Ryobi/Fonzi puppies from a litter last October. Wow, Brewster is BIG! Hudson is only about 53 lbs. He is very mellow also, and was such an easy puppy. He has that "old soul" personality. He is such a member of our family. We love him SOOOO much! I'm glad you decided to join us! I'm looking forward to photos!
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