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  • Father is a F1 Labradoodle black curly fleece. Mother is a black & silver Phantom Poodle. We have 1 female chocolate brown and 2 male black. The female and one male is 600. One male has a cast on his broken leg and will be off in another week. He is going for 400. We live in Washougal WA. 98671. We will not deliver and will only accept cash or credit card with ID. They are 12 weeks on the 9th of January. Have had their first 3 shots.

    Can contact me at 360-624-5980

    -OFA or PennHIP clearance on sire & dam hips (or Euro equivalent): NO
    -CERF or PRA eye clearance on sire & dam : NO
    -2 yr Health Guarantee that offers monetary reimbursement (and does not require return of puppy): NO
    -Pet puppies are sold on contract that nullifies owner's breeding rights and/or puppies undergo early spay/neuter: NO
    -Additional testing: NO

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  • Would everyone kindly post their available puppies as a discussion and not a comment. Thanks.
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Apricot Labradoodle pup for sale in East Otis, Massachusetts

The puppy shown here is almost 8 weeks old--he and his littermates were all sold several months ago (before they were born), but the family taking this pup has had an emergency and they have to wait now to get a puppy.You can see his parents and the website of the breeder (whom I work for) at www.tangowoollabradoodles.com.  The mother is Nova (adult females page) and she is a great dog--dad is Oliver (adult males page), also a terrific dog--I know them both. This pup will mature to 40-45 pounds…

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Dreamydoodles Northwest Multigen Labradoodle Puppies

We currently have a litter of cream and chocolate (brown) Multigen Labradoodle puppies available in Washington State.CALL OR TEXT BARBARA AT 360-448-1477Please visit our website for more info at Dreamydoodles.com/available-- ALSO VISIT US ON FACEBOOK.COM/DREAMYDOODLESNW-- Parents dogs are all OFA & CERF tested. -- We Offer a 2 Year Health Guarantee with a spay/neuter contractKENNEL AND CAGE FREE BREEDER AND TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN THAT FACTWe have a very healthy, smart and mellow bloodline of…

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Lot's of Royal Diamond Labradoodle puppies available now!

-- Are both parents hips tested and cleared by OFA, PennHIP, or their Canadian/Euro equivalents? YES-- Are both parents tested and cleared for eye disorders either by PRA or yearly CERF exam? YES-- Any other additional health testing/clearances on the parent dogs (please list if yes)? YES,  Heart and Patella clearance via OFA regulations-- Do you offer a minimum of a 2 year health guarantee on your puppies with monetary reimbursement (without required return of dog) should one of your…

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