The puppy shown here is almost 8 weeks old--he and his littermates were all sold several months ago (before they were born), but the family taking this pup has had an emergency and they have to wait now to get a puppy.

You can see his parents and the website of the breeder (whom I work for) at www.tangowoollabradoodles.com.  The mother is Nova (adult females page) and she is a great dog--dad is Oliver (adult males page), also a terrific dog--I know them both. This pup will mature to 40-45 pounds and has a wavy fleece coat, low to no shed. Price is $3000. The breeder is in East Otis MA, near Springfield MA and Hartford CT.

Serious inquiries only--to tango.wool@aol.com or 413-717-5204.

Here are the answers to the questions in the guidelines.

-- Are both parents hips tested and cleared by OFA, PennHIP, or their Canadian/Euro equivalents? YES

-- Are both parents tested and cleared for eye disorders either by PRA or yearly CERF exam?YES

-- Any other additional health testing/clearances on the parent dogs (please list if yes)?

This is the complete list of health tests  for the dam:  (sorry for the weird box-- cut and paste from website)

PRA, Vwd and EIC cleared by parentage, Eyes Normal by Opthalmologist, Heart Normal by Cardiologist, Hips: Good with Ofa Final, Elbows: Norma with OFA, Patellaes Normal

This is the health testing for the sire:

Patellar Normal, Pennhip Tighter than 90% of labradoodles (.36 and .31), Elbows Normal, Heart by Cardiologist Normal, Opthamology Normal, IC Carrier, DM Normal, EIC Clear

-- Do you offer a minimum of a 2 year health guarantee on your puppies with monetary reimbursement (without required return of dog) should one of your warranty-covered disorders occur in this puppy? YES

-- Will these puppies be spayed or neutered before they go home? NO

-- If these pups are not early spayed/neutered, how will you prevent your pups from being bred possibly indiscriminately by unqualified people (i.e. spay/neuter contract, etc)?
Send certificate of spay/neuter by end of 6th month--some exceptions made to 8 months of age.

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  • Darling puppy!  Someone wanting a puppy is going to be very lucky with this cancellation.❤️

    • It happens now and then--someone gets lucky--usually we have a three to four month wait list!

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