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-- Are both parents hips tested and cleared by OFA, PennHIP, or their Canadian/Euro equivalents? Yes OFA

-- Are both parents tested and cleared for eye disorders either by PRA or yearly CERF exam? Yes both PRA and annual CERF.

-- Any other additional health testing/clearances on the parent dogs (please list if yes)? Cardiac, patellas, elbows, hips all tested..

-- Do you offer a minimum of a 2 year health guarantee on your puppies with monetary reimbursement (without required return of dog) should one of your warranty-covered disorders occur in this puppy? Yes

-- Will these puppies be spayed or neutered before they go home?No, I have a contract that each puppy buyer signs...I require they forward me documentation from their Vet that the puppy has been spayed/neutered...then they receive their ALAA paperwork. I have not had any problems with my buyers honoring the contract.

-- If these pups are not early spayed/neutered, how will you prevent your pups from being bred possibly indiscriminately by unqualified people (i.e. spay/neuter contract, etc)?
Spay/neuter contract as specified above...have had no problems with my buyers honoring the contract.

Below are pictures from my current litter..Gabby and Ripley

visit my website to find out more about them:

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Thank Tammie, I was lucky to have nice fall color to work with.
Beautiful litter!!
Thank you, I'm very pleased..they are precious to me.



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