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  • Mandy is testing tomorrow for Canine Good Citizenship!!! She is now 9 months old, weighs almost 63 lbs, and is gorgeous. She still loves to de-stuff anything she can and loves to play outside. Her coat is changing some, but not a great deal, a little white here and there. She gets along well with children of all ages and other dogs. She has gone to school with me a few times, and the students love her. And of course she is super healthy, hasn't gone to the vet once for anything other than the regular visits. She is perfect!!

    I'm working on a DOODLE ROMP, tentatively in mid-September!!!
  • Mandy's one command we have to continually work on is "stay". She does it well when she wants to but most of the time she just follows me! Mandy still loves her de-stuffed duck and luckily hasn't de-stuffed her other toys (yet).
    She is now 43 lbs and 5 months old. Her eating has slowed down some, doesn't finish it all in one sitting. Maybe her growth spurts have slowed down.
  • Rooney has been "de-stuffing" for a few months now...the best was when he de-stuffed a pillow that he'd been sleeping happened so fast, he looked like he was surrounded by clouds.

    Rooney is signed up to start his first obedience class in a week or two--he's really obedient already and knows many of the most basic commands, but there are a couple of the basic commands that he seems to "involuntarily" perform, and then only when he feels like it!
  • Cindy we call that "doing build-a-bear" - IN REVERSE!
    Congratulations to Mandy on her graduation!
  • Yes, she actually didn't mind wearing her hat! I thought it would be off in seconds but through all the photos she did great. My mother was in town that evening and went to her graduation, she had never been to a graduation for dogs and thought she had better go to one, LOL It was fun. Today is the first time she destuffed a toy, her pet duck. Now she is carrying around it's limp body!!
  • Mandy graduated from puppy class and will begin intermediate classes in August. She has sure grown a lot. I didn't do a summer cut on her since her coat isn't real long and we don't stay out much during the day. She has a little pool in the yard and loves getting in it in the evenings. She is now getting her canine teeth in YEA!!!
  • Can anyone recommend a good groomer in Denver? Now that the temp is 90+, it's time for Rooney to put on his "summer clothes"!
  • I think Tuba is great looking. I have a cousin in Glendale, next time I go to see her I will let you know! It won't be this summer but maybe next year. I am finishing up my paper for my master's degree this summer and am not planning on going anywhere so I get this finished!!
  • I put some new pictures on my page, they are the first 5 or 6 I think.
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Welcome Josh, Shana and Rooney!

hey Amber & Milo....Rooney is Milo's little brother!He's from the same 2 parents - Sheba and Keenan, only a year younger.just thought you'd like to know that.....seems like everyone in our group has someone who is related to another, fyi.

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