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I am looking at taking Petsmart training classes for our puppy once he is old enough. However, I have heard that it can be hit or miss getting a good trainer.

If you have done classes at Petsmart, which location/trainer did you use and how was your experience?

I have read on this Las Vegas group that Ashleigh at the Eastern location is good. My most convenient location is on Lake Mead in Henderson, the trainer is Alexandra or "Alex" for short.

I really appreciate your responses on my grooming post, and look forward to your feedback on this one too.

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We use Sit Mean Sit.  We started with them with our older doodle Zowie when he was a pup and now we are starting with our new pup Zac.  It has been a great experience with them and Zowie is very well behaved.  Zac is 5 months old.  We take him to class once a week and he can sit, lay down, stay in place.  It is pricey but the dogs can go for their lifetime.   The first 2 training session are usually in your home which we liked.  We could not take Zac until he had all of his shots so coming to our home was great. 

I don't use Petsmart for training I go to Petco on green valley pkwy. The trainer Natalie is so wonderful. My puppy looks forward to class every week. I hope this helps.



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