The Goldendoodle litter/litters, born to Lauren, who was rescued from a South Dakota puppy mill. The litter of 11, 8 boys and 3 girls was born on 11-15-2008
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  • Oh no, I'm such a bad doodle mom!  I completely forgot Jasper's birthday.  I'll have to give him a special treat tomorrow.


  • Early Happy Birthday to all of Fozzy's brothers and sisters!

  • OMG Jo!  Fozzy is only 55 lbs.  Cory stopped by my office the other day with Murphy, and she said he is over 100 lbs as well!  Looks like I still have the runt by a long way!
  • I took Jasper to the vet on Saturday, he's had a recurrent ear infection. When I put him on the scale he weighed a whopping 112 lbs. He's quite a handful on the leash even though he has a great temperament. How are your doodles doing?

  • Dougal now weighs 77lbs!!
  • Jasper weighs 62 lbs, this is not a contest I wanted him to win!
  • Dougal just weighed in 2 days ago at 56lbs, guess he is a lightweight :)
  • OK - lets try to find out who is the biggest of the bunch! I know Murphy weighed in at 60 lbs a couple of weeks ago, can anyone beat that? (looks like I got the runt - on 6 mo birthday not even 39 pounds)
  • Ok, looks like most everyone will not be able to make it this Saturday. So, is next Saturday or Sunday available for anyone?? If you all could tell me what day you are available and where you live, I will call around and see what locations/times are available and try to find a central location. I think Maple Grove has Sunday times.
  • I'm sorry, but Mater and I won't be able to make it to puppy social hour on Saturday. One of my daughters has a state toiurnament for basketball in Cottage Grove. Hopefully we can make it another time!
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