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  • Just checking in. How are all of your Montana doods doing these days? Kona is still a goofy cartoon character.
  • Kona's parents (Bess and Fritz) just had another litter of puppies on Jun 21st.  So adorable!  So tempting!  But I know my house and yard are too small for 3 dogs.  Kona stayed at 24 pounds until he was about 20 months old (recently, and then he shot up to 29 pounds!!!  Yikes!  I'm sure it is just because I changed his food, but wow, that was a big jump for a little dog.  He doesn't feel fat, but he isn't quite as lean around the lower abdomen as usual.  I can still feel his ribs.  I'll just back off on the food portions a little since he obviously doesn't need as much as the other one. 

    How is Mattie doing?

  • He will be 1 on Sept. 30th. Just 12 days older than Mattie

  • Mattie is 25.5 pounds and about 17-17.5" right now.  Maia is supposedly 47#.  I guess Fritz's genes win.  What's Kona's birthdate?

  • By the way, Kons turned out to be a true mini.  Bess is 40 pounds, but Kona is only 16" tall and 24 pounds.  How about Mattie?

  • Of course I'm tempted!  They are like living cartoon characters!  But I adopted a rescue girl in late July, so my house is pretty full.  If I hadn't, I don't know how I could have resisted.  3366478432?profile=original

  • That's so great!  We're up in Seattle.  You're right, you can absolutely tell Mattie and Kona are related!  They've even got the same smile.  Are you feeling a little tempted to bring another pup from Bess and Fritz's next litter home?  Maia and Fritz are expecting their last litter together before Maia retires this October and while I won't do it, I can't say it hasn't crossed my mind.

  • Welcome!  Kona is from Stevensville too and his dad is Fritz and his mom is Bess.  Bess is going into heat again for breeding the first time since Kona was born.  Yay!  Where do you live?  I'm in Long Beach, CA

  • Hi everyone!   I had no idea there was a Living Streams group, I kept looking for Montana Goldendoodles instead.  Mattie is a double doodle from Maia and Fritz's October 2012 litter.  She came home with us in December and will be a year old in just under a month now.  She's the sweetest girl and makes us smile and laugh all the time.  It would be great to meet litter mates and other doodles from LS.

  • Oliver cracks me up with is frisbee!  Funny cartoon dogs we have!

    Here is Kona trying to get me to quit working. 


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