Los Angeles doodles can meet and get together for Doodle Romps in the Southern California Sun!
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  • Hello Everyone

    This adorable golden doodle puppy is looking for a forever home :)


  • Ginny, here is a link to the next romp - either April 17 or 24. Carolyn is waiting for input.   http://www.doodlekisses.com/group/southerncalgroup/forum/topics/apr...

  • Funny check out the southern California doodle group on here, we have a romp next Sunday at arbor dog park in los Alamitos. It might be listed in every as well. We have folks come from everywhere; San Diego, riverside, thousand oaks, etc. Hope to see you there.
  • Hey Los Angeles Doodles . . . when is there going to be a Romp????  We need to have a Romp soon because Baylee wants to get together with her fellow Doodles and play.  Please let me know of any Romps coming up!  Thanks a million!

  • Michele, Puddy & Mio, I hope you get this message, but yes I can help you get the Doodles down here.  I'm not very good at this Doodle Kisses Facebook thing so hope you get this message.  Email me at ginnymills@socal.rr.com.  I live in the Valley area and I would be happy to meet someone half way between here in San Jose to bring the Doodles down tomorrow Sunday.

  • Hey LA doodle peeps - doodle rescue collective needs help bringing two doods down from the Bay Area this Sunday - is there anyone who can maybe drive 1/2 up to San Jose to meet someone and bring them down? Please? Message me.

  • HEY ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA.  There seems to be pages and pages of doodles and poodle mixes in the OC Shelter. Please, pass the word.  So many more photos.  Good grief

    Sorry to overkill this page with photos. I had trouble loading.


    All the animals in this album are available for adoption at OC Animal Care in Orange County, CA. I take the photos...

    Posted by Amanda Schuman on Thursday, October 13, 2011
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Goldendoodle breeder recommendation?

HI all - we are new to Southern California and to this website, and are interested in adopting a goldendoodle (F1B, medium). We've read the community guidelines and the "what to look for in a breeder" guidelines here and elsewhere, but are having difficulty finding a breeder that meets or exceeds those criteria. If anyone can recommend a good breeder in the area, please let us know via private message! Thanks!

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Tired of my doodle looking like, well, not a doodle. Looking for a good groomer on the eastside/mid-LA

I've taken Sophia to a groomer a few times, and while I like them, this is the second time in 6 months they have said she needed to be shaved. Unfortunately, I didn't go with my gut and take her away. It's the middle of winter and she's now as short as a chihuahua-not to mention they did a sloppy job at that! She has a wool coat (really tight, but soft, spirals) and is in the puppy to adult coat transition. I didn't realize that by shaving her, it's actually extending the transition since her…

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