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  • Hi Elaine! How big will Curly get, approximately?  We are looking for a friend for our doodle but he has knee issues.  The vet suggested a smaller size doggie.  Ours is a standard.  Dana

  • Hi,

    I know this group is filled with doodle lovers and I’m hoping I can find a new home for my boy Curly here...

    Our family is relocating out of state in a couple of months and with a much higher living expense and a new baby in the family, we just cannot give Curly the good life he deserves anymore. It’s a very difficult decision but we have to consider what’s best for Curly. I’d rather him being with a family that can allow him to run around freely instead of keeping him and locking him in an apartment all day.

    We’re only looking for families around the Memphis area because Curly doesn’t like long car rides. If you know somebody who is able to give Curly the love and care he deserves, please let me know.

    Thank you.

  • I've heard good things about the Polished Pooch in Collierville ....would be a good suggestion for the romp. I hope it works out for the Fall.  Bentley and I would love to meet other doodles and their owners.

  • The Polished Pooch in Collierville has a nice size indoor and outdoor facility. I think would be great for a Romp. Fall is still probably best because of the extreme heat.
  • Dee Dee, we usually have our romps at Brown Dog Lodge.  However we find using just the indoor portion of the building is a little crowded for the amount of dogs and humans we entertain.

  • Welcome to MADOG Rob,

    I have a two year old golden doodle, Bentley,.  We would be thrilled to attend a doodle romp.  It's so hot right now.  We are looking forward to a romp. I wonder if there is an inside facility that would allow us to be inside.... like Brown Dog Lodge in Germantown ?

  • I hear you guys!  We are having an organized romp this fall.  It has just been too difficult to schedule in the spring with such unpredictable weather.  The date has not been set but you have successfully reminded me to start getting it together!

  • Hi Rob,

    I am a proud goldendoodle owner of Reagan, who is now 10 years old!  She had knee surgery 3 years ago and thus our dog parks walks were curtailed. However we do some walking now.  Maybe your post will spark a Doodle Romp in Memphis.  I am game......all doodle owners chime in! 

  • Looks like no activity here in almost a year! I am relatively new to the Memphis area and we would love to try and get a group together sometime when the heat is more cooperative. Murphy needs some doodle friends!

  • Doodle Romp today!   Weather is perfect.

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Hi,It's about time Cooper has his first cut. I'm looking for a groomer and wondering who to use for my Goldendoodle.Also, what trainer, if any did you use?

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8 week pup crate training help

Just got my 8 week pup and last night he cried alllll night in his crate. I left it beside my bed in my bedroom.I was getting up every time he cried and let him out to potty.  Is is ok to put crate in separate room (so I don't hear his cries? Sounds crule, but I don't know)  Also, If I do put crate in separate room during night how often should I get up to left him out to potty during the night? I go to bed around 9 and up at 5am.  I don't think this young can go all night without a potty. …

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