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We got a special little pup from this litter and would love to connect with and hear about the pups from this litter or any past litter from those two.

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Pumpkin soup is my Shasta's sister both are daughters of the wonderful Soupy. Shasta's mom is Petunia, so Shasta is miniature where Pumpkin is bigger. Soupy's genes produce the sweetest and smartest dogs I have ever known. We are so lucky to have this family of pups!
Shasta is adorable, how old is she? They really are so sweet and intelligent aren't they! Our boy was 9 weeks yesterday and he already sits on command with eyes on me and heals when we walk with a leash. Now if only he would sleep at night. Lol

I'm excited to start his puppy training with him. I have a feeling he is going to surprise and amaze me. I feel lucky to have him every time I look at him :) Rudy is going to be a medium 35-45 lbs.
Not sure if you got my reply but my pup is from Rufus/Pumpkin Soup born 3-18-13! His name is Hugo and he is AWESOME! Hugo is gorgeous-- the image of Rufus- very red in color. He weighs 40 pounds and is a certified Therapy Dog. He's just wonderful -- smart and affectionate, playful yet obedient. We adore him!

I agree on your Soupy statement Joyce.  I have two ML mediums.  At one point, I was planning on getting a puppy from a Soupy litter, but we decided to go up in size.  Mine boys are 5 and 3 now.

Hi! I have one of the two girls from this litter! Gertie has been a bundle of personality from the minute I picked her up at the airport! She is so smart (outsmarts me on a daily basis) She is so sweet and and loves other dogs and people. She loves swimming in the ocean and could chase a tennis ball for hours. One thing about Gertie is that she has had a variety of allergies since she was very young. She's been on several different foods and undergone extensive allergy testing. Thankfully it's under control but have you experienced this with your dog from the litter? 



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