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We have our 4th ML ALD now. One is with our daughter in Alaska and one is in Heaven, but we couldn't be more happy with the quality of animals that ML has consistently produced. In fact, when my daughter decided to buy her pup, I don't even know that ML knew he would be part of our family. When my husband's dog passed in an accident, ML was great in helping us to find a half sister that was getting ready to come available. That dog is now the love of his life and she is in love with him, too! I am so grateful we found ML because before them, no matter how emphatic people were that a certain dog was hypoallergenic- it wasn't for my husband. His whole life he has been relegated to fish for pets and to see him at his old enough to be a grandfather age be so completely silly about a dog is a wonderful thing!

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Congrats on the addition to your family.  We have two ML doodles and they have are off the charts sweet boys - now 5 & 7.



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