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Are baby girl should be here in 2 weeks. We picked her out and visited her 2 weeks ago and she looked fine but not sure you can tell how she's gonna be in a 15 minute visit. Anyway cross your fingers Miss. Abbey Rose is in good shape with no problems.
Btw, that's her in my profile pic.

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She is very cute.  Enjoy Miss Abbey Rose.

I have a ML labradoodle and have known a few more. Every one a perfect angel.

Interesting - when we got our doodles from Kim - she was picking the family for the puppy not the other way around.  At first I did not get that, but in hindsight, I felt she new the puppies and their personalities far better since she has been with them since birth and far better than I could in 15 minutes. Regardless, I think you will be happy with this sweet little girl.  She is a doll. Both of my ALDs are super laid back and lovable and so easy to train.  Looking forward to seeing homecoming photos!

That was mentioned that just because we picked it out there was no guarantee that we would receive that puppy but she sent us pics and confirmed that she's the one we're getting. And of course there will be lost of pictures lol.

I just realized that when we went to visit ML this summer, we played with your puppy! :D

My puppy?



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