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For Those of You Who Need To Laugh

This is a cross post from a Blog written by Laurie, Fudge, and Vern

She often writes about Vern~ who has some scarey issues.  She can find humor in some of these situations. Here is hoping we can too.

Vern, The Man, and The Lawn Chair

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  • I totally agree with Joanne.  Not a quick fix or cure, but it really does seem to comfort them just a tiny bit.  Grover comes right to me to have his Thundershirt put on during storms or fireworks. 

  • I don't think the Thundershirt is a cure all. Not at all. But, I do find it takes the edge off. Anything helps

  • Tried the Thundershirt and not sure if it works with her.  She actually loves wearing it, she gets very excited when she sees me get it and stays still while I put it on but still gets frightened by anything.  I even took her on a walk with it on and I have to say she wasn't as reactive as she has been, so maybe it has worked a little.  I think I will give it more time and see what happens.

  • Hi Michelle!  I had such high expectations when I bought the Thundershirt for Tori's fear of driving in the car and to 'calm her' when my son had friends playing outside.... but to my disappointment - it did NOT help her at all!  But I did here from others who have had success.... I know there have been discussions on here about it....oops - I see Joanne has given you the link below!

  • MIchelle,

    Sure--Lots and Lots of us use the Thundershirt. 

    Here is an older discussion.

    And references are made to the shirt in other discussions all the time.  It is not a miracle cure but if it helps your dog feel just a tad better, I say great

  • I got Chloe from a breeder at 4 months of age.  Shortly after I had her, I noticed she was skittish about everything (people, doors closing and opening, bags on the ground, her reflection, vacuums,.....). I took to multiple puppy classes,obedience classes, put her in daycare, and did everything I knew to do to desensitize her to most of her fears.  She has gotten much better but after 2 1/2 yrs she still is skittish.  I was wondering if anyone has used the thundershirt, I have read a lot of reviews and the majority of them are positive.

  • I haven't used it on dogs but it's an antidepressant.   I think antidepressants are  the best choice for anxiety in people and dogs.

  • Has anyone used sertraline (Zoloft) to help their dog?

    This is what the Vet. wants Willow to try next.

  • I bet you are right, that  it is for the itching.  Itching can add to discomfort of any kind, anxiety or otherwise!

  • Perhaps it is supposed to help with anxiety when the dog is itchy and uncomfortable???  It was worth a try....

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Doggy Grief

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My beautifully precious 12 year old Goldendoodle female, Allie was put to rest last week after a 6 month battle with cancer. She leaves behind a devastated 4 1/2 year old goldendoodle brother, Ike who for the past 3 days has been mopey and refusing to eat his kibble. He will take certain treats and bully sticks but is refusing his kibble. He noses it and then looks at us and then just gives up and walks away. Because he is taking treats, I don't think…

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New Puppy - fearful of going outside; wont take treats while outside

Hi there - we brought our F1B goldendoodle home from a breeder 3 weeks ago at 13.5 weeks - now he is 16.5 weeks.   At first he was so scared  and timid in our house, he would not venture to our hardwoods, but now he is gradually able to walk on the hardwoods and exploring a little more.  He has shown signs of "playful puppy" more and more, but he is a very quiet and timid  pooch.  We have been able to teach him basic commands of sit and down.  We are crate training him and for the most part he…

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hiding in my closet

Well, after finding that my closet was a safe place after fireworks and New Years noises, I find Trudie in the closet a lot.  I have tried putting something in front of the door but after a while she manages to break past it.  I don't like closing the door because it needs airing.  She has the whole house available to her.  Has anyone else had similar issues?Trudie and Mary

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Clomicalm medication

My Charlie is almost 12 years old.  He has always been a “nervous Nellie” and it has gotten progressively worse over the years.  We have moved several times in the past few years and each time he seems to get more anxious.  Our new vet (we have seen her for about 8 months now) thinks we should start Charlie on Clomicalm.  I am ok with trying the medication as I have had a prescription for the “doggie Prozac” that I would give him when it would thunderstorm, etc., as needed.  My only concern is…

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