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I posted this discussion in the Health Group, and was directed here as a more suitable place to post:

My younger LD, Chase, will be five this weekend, we have had him since he was nine weeks old. He has always been a highly strung, anxious dog with reactivity issues around dogs he doesn't know. He also starts fights with my other LD, Hartley. Hartley has good bite inhibition and always comes off worst in a fight. We had a couple of years where things were pretty good between them, and I also have done a lot of training and behaviour modification work with Chase which has improved his behaviour in public. We had even been able to go to some agility trials with him. My husband (who Chase was very attached to) and I separated earlier this year, which has changed the family dynamics a bit - it is just me and the dogs now. Chases anxiety is definitely worse, and he and Hartley got into a fight two weeks ago which led to a $780 vet bill for Hartley. We are also going to be moving house soon, which I fear might make things even worse.

I feel that we have come to the end of non-medicinal options. I don't want him to continue to live in a state of anxiety and fear, and I don't want the dogs to keep fighting. I have made an appointment to talk to the vet about starting him on some kind of anti-anxiety medication. I am hoping that if he is less hyper, less ADHD like, less stressed, then he will be easier to get along with and, hopefully, happier.

I would appreciate any experiences you guys have had with these types of medications, and comments as to whether you found them effective or not?

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