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I have been using " Kraft, Easy Cheese in the can" to give Willow her meds. It does not require refrigeration after opened, taste is great, she loves it, it is real cheese. I put pill on my finger, squeeze a little cheese on it and she thinks she is getting a treat.

I love it that I can leave the can with her pills and take both with me everywhere I go. 

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Another easy way to give meds is with Greenies Pill Pockets. They come in different formulas and sizes.

Great idea. I use the Pill Pockets and have also put pills in peanut butter, but that can be messy!!

These are the first two who don't like the pill pockets!  So is the cheese plyable?  The pill pockets I used to flatten put all the pills and re-roll it.  I've been trying cheese slices, letting it warm up and rolling it but it's real messy.  Peanut butter didn't work - they licked around the pills! lol

I find the easiest thing to do is to use a piece of cooked sausage, make a little slit in the piece of sausage and pop the pill inside.  Goes down a treat especially if you cut a piece small enough for one swallow and big enough to hide the pill.



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