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ISO Advice: I recently moved into a new apartment and brought my 2 year old Goldendoodle (Quincy) with me. I waited to bring him till we had everything actually moved into the apartment to reduce stress. I moved from my parents where 4 adults resided and a Bichon Frise. At the house Quincy was crate trained and crated when we left the home for periods of time during the day. I brought the crate, bed, toys, etc. with us. I have someone (this is one of my family members so he is firmilar with them) coming once a day to take him on a long walk and be with him for at least an hour a day and he is walked twice before we leave in the morning. Today was the first day we left Quincy out of the crate during the day. All the boxes and things were out of the way so I felt it was safe leaving him out. Today when my sister went to walk him she said he was howling before she even got to the door. I really am trying to do everything right and I want him to love his new home. Does anyone have any suggestions as what I can do to make this transition better for him and to stop any howling? Thank you.

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Was someone home all day at your parents' house? 

No not all the time.

Transitioning is so hard. I would leave him in his crate while you are gone. He is getting good walks, and mid-day play time. I know from experience that if I forget to latch one of the crates and I have a roamer while I am gone, I come home and they are very stressed out. Their crates are their happy place. 


Thank you!  That is what I thought as well.  Because even if we are home and the door of the crate is open he will go in there to lay down and relax.  So maybe crating him is the best thing for him.  I am going to have to try that.  I wish I could have a camera with audio on him at all times.  At least I know I would feel better.

If he is not a chewer and won't eat it, try putting a T-shirt that you have slept in & not washed in the crate with him. Something that has your scent on it. You might also try leaving music or the TV on while you're gone.

If you have Direct TV, DogTV is so good! I recorded it when it was free and I personally love the relaxation series that they have. It is silly I know, but it completely calms ME. So since my dogs are in the kennel, and cannot see the TV, I don't turn on stimulation for them because I would think that would drive them crazy, but I play the relaxation shows while I am gone. They did fine without it (although the youngest still eats beds) but I feel better - so I guess I need it for them while I am gone!

It just may be he heard her coming and was excited to have her there. Remember they can smell and hear so very much better than us.  I just went through a move with Oliver and he is a bit of a spook. No boxes or things in the way or he's paralized.  It took a couple weeks for him to find his favorite spots and his bed and now he is fine. Good Luck!

Another thing we learned is that dogs are always listening for that next noise when you are away because they are hoping it is you. Causing anxiety. We found if we left the tv on or a radio our goldendoodle was calmer and seemed to relax more because of the constant noise. It is just like how white noise can be calming. My doodle is much happier now when alone because we do not keep it completely silent.

Thank you everyone.  Has anyone tried the Thundershirt?  I am wondering if this has worked for anyone and would be worth trying?

My doodle, Camus, will soon be four and I still crate him when I am not at home. I did try leaving him un-crated, but he did not handle it well and started chewing on various things. I do not even latch the crate door, but he stays put, so I think he feels safe in his crate. So, my advice would be to continue crating him.

Hi Kara,

I have a nervous doodle who is almost 3 now. Joey is used to having his people home most of the time but also loves his crate. Since Quince loves his crate you have a great advantage in dealing with anxiety. If he has plenty of exercise before you leave, he should be able to be crated for 2 - 3 hours before someone comes in to walk him and visit. Having the TV on seems to help Joey also.  You can probably extend the time frame as he becomes accustomed to the new home and routine. Over time, you can experiment with having him out of the crate when you leave, but at first I'd try 30 minutes and then see how he does. If that works, then try one hour. We can now leave Joey for 3+ hours uncrated! That is long enough to go to a movie or out for dinner... Good luck. This will be okay very soon. These dogs just need to figure out the new routine and they will become comfortable.

Today when we left Quincy was not keen in going in the crate.  We were finally able to get him in the crate and gave him a kong with some treats.  I am anxiously waiting to hear how he is doing later today. Thank you for all your responses and kind words.  I am hoping that this weekend we can do a lot of work.



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