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Hi - 

After doing some behavior modification with Joey, he still is a very nervous guy, always on high alert and hypervigilant.  Hes fine with dogs but very wary of people.  He is even more nervous when he's not with me.  I hate to see him stressed so much of the time.  

Just wondering if anyone has had experience using Prozac for a nervous doodle.  Thanks.


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Hi Joanne,

Thanks for asking.  Joey has been much more relaxed in general since starting the med.  We are also doing behavior modification training in conjunction and all I can say is it seems to be working very well for Joey.

I am very impressed and hopeful that this will help him long term.  So far, so good!

I'm glad to hear this is going well.

Sadie is getting worse when a repairman comes or family she has not seen for awhile. She hides and paces back and forth and just shakes. She's always been around people and kids. I recently retired and she's better when left alone. No more chewing, but she barks when she hears noise and people or dogs outside. She's 2 years old now. I can take her in the car and to another dogs house to play and she's fine. I think it's mostly strangers that she is anxious about. Any ideas what to do?
Sadie is still a nervous dog when people come, unless she knows them well. The barking is getting worse again. Every morning at 4:30am it starts with the newspaper being delivered. It's driving me nuts. It doesn't matter if she's been playing and gets tired, she still barks and paces. Any ideas to stop this behavior. I have closed the blinds and that does help some, but if she hears anything off she goes! Thanks.



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