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Today I was all  ready to give up.  I am sooooo tired.

While I was in town with Willow an woman approached me to say what a beautiful dog I had, (Willow was sitting in the back of my car) , I told her Willow would not get out of the car and said she was a "Animal Psychic" give her a call.

I told her that if she could get my Willow out of the car, I would.  She said she was on the way somewhere and didn't have the time. 

She gave me her card.

Has anyone tried an Animal Psychic?

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There is a woman in our area who is famous and the lines to get to her tent during animal events are the longest.  Many are turned away when time runs out.

I have friends in Ohio and Wisconsin that swear by them and have gone.  I have not. 

Hey, Patti. Go for it.  You have tried everything else.  Who is to say if it works or not?  But who really cares.

Maybe you could do an online search for her name and see what is written beforehand. 

But you know you want to give it a try.  :)

Is the psychic person in OH? I want to go!!

She often does an event in Youngstown around Thanksgiving. Kyoko, write Beth and Gang. She knows the woman and has taken some dogs to her

I will do that!! I am curious to see what she have to say about my Charlie girl.

Patti, I am so sorry you are feeling badly. I agree with Joanne. It can't hurt and if nothing else, would be interesting. Good luck! I hope things get better for all of you!

Sounds like hokum to me, sorry to say. But maybe if she an animal behaviorist at heart it might help.

Did you try this? I was tempted to go that route. Noodle has anxiety induced seizures. We have had her on Potassium Bromide for 3 years. She controls her ball playing by taking rests and calming herself in the pool. She has only had a few seizures since going on the meds, and she is no longer afraid of storms. I feel the medicine helps with that.

Anita, I've had some success with animal communicators but it is an unregulated field and if you decide to try it be sure to research and find someone reputable and with references you can check.

I'm glad to hear the meds are helping Noodle and she if finding ways to calm herself. It's so  hard to see them upset and be unable to comfort them. 

I know this is an old thread but I'm curious if you had any success with the animal psychic?

I'd try it.  I know a woman who is a professional psychic.  Her husband works for the wildlife department rescuing wild animals and she takes in stray animals of all kinds.  I went to a birthday party at her house once and I was absolutely blown away at all the dogs and cats in her very nice and very clean home.  Each one had a sad story and she spoke to them as though she was talking to mature, intelligent beings.  They were all calm and respectful of everybody else's space even though they were all relative strangers to each other (dogs and cats) - waiting for forever homes.  I was so amazed that I thought she must be able to communicate with them because if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. 



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