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This was a thought that came to me today.

1)I think that Charlie had hip injury because she is extremely emotionally intense. She is very intense even with fetching, behave as it is a life and death situation.I believe that her intensity caused her to over do, ending up in injury. She was determined to catch the ball, she jumped very high and fell to her side causing the injury.  

2) Charlie went back to the doctor today, because she was not putting any weight on the left leg again( injury location). It has been a good few months and her bone should have been long healed. So I took her to the vet to see why it seem to take so long for her to be totally healed. Doctor determned that she is hyper sensitive to pain. Since there were no sign of unhealed bone, muscle injury, or anything like that, the doctor said that because of the weather changes, etc... She may be experiencing some slight discomfort, but because she is hyper sensitive, she behave as it is a much significant matter.  I feel as  that, her anxiety and hyper sensitiveness seems to go together. She may have sensory nerves that are overly stimulating, causing her to feel more discomfort physically and emotionally....

I think that mental health does affect one's physical health. For example, a child with ADHD is more prone to injury due to his/hers impulsiveness. Or Depression can lead to lackof appetitie, and weight loss. They are human examples, but do you think it is the same for the animals? Or different,,?

What are your thought...?

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I think this has merit, Kyoko.  When you walk Charlie walk in the street keeping her close to the curb where she has to go on and off of it. It will help strengthen her muscles.

Oh!! Great idea!! Thank you, Nancy!!!



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