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Hello, I'm new to this site and a new labradoodle mom and I have a question about Separation Anxiety.  My baby girl Sasparilla has severe separation anxiety - with me?  Is this common in the doodles?  I've met a handful of doodle and/or poodle owners who seem to have the same issue but at different levels.  I'm absolutely baffled because she's not a real cuddler (like I wanted) but to simply leave a room Oh My Gosh, let alone the day to go to work, you'd think I was moving away without her?  We have a second dog and they are inseparable but she just doesn't fill "my" void?

In addition Sasparilla has a heart murmur, so I'm not sure if that's causing the anxiety or if the anxiety is causing the murmur? 

I'd love input and experience from others.  Up till now I've always had mutts, mostly dumped dogs that I took in and none have ever had any issues until they got old?  Sure they were quirky but aren't we all!  I love my baby girl to pieces and just want her to be calm, healthy and happy. 

Thank you. Ü

Thank you to Laurie, Fudge and Vern for refering me to this site. Ü

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