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  • Please message me if you have a good breeder to recommend near Maryland. Thank you.
  • I do the same thing when Ned MUST eat before doing something. I just don't make a practice of it. Oddly, once we switched to Orijen a couple of years ago, he usually eats within a short time, except in our RV.

  • I agree, Nanci. There are many days when I come home at 6 pm and Kona and Maggie have barely touched their morning meal. I don't add another whole serving. The only time I add broth or chicken is when I want them to finish a full serving before a long day of playing at daycare or for a pill
  • PS Ned weighed about 27 pounds at 8 months and at age 6 weighs 28 pounds.  Not giving in to picky or encouraging him to eat more than his body said he needed, has obviously been the right thing to do for him.

  • If the dog is healthy, you shouldn't give into the picky.  It doesn't get better if you do.  It doesn't hurt them at all to miss a meal if they aren't hungry.  It is way, way better to be thin.

  • @Linda And Callie - Thanks for the recipe! Yeah she's been getting homemade for over 1.5 years with no problem but there is also the added benefit of no more tummy/poop issues with The Honest Kitchen. M.J.'s tummy is definitely more sensitive than my last dog.

    @Olivia & Chanel - Yeah that's kind of what I've been suspecting. Like maybe it's a smaller dog thing. I have tried putting some parmesan cheese on top and sometimes that works but M.J. definitely has a lot of willpower. At one point I started thinking that she really would rather starve than eat something she doesn't approve of. Definitely a silly doodle. :)

  • Sorry joining this conversation late, but talking with many doodle owners both lab and golden doodles…many of them especially the smaller sized ones are just now that food motivated.  Our 8 month old needs to be enticed to eat as well.  After trying various things including raw food, fresh food…what seems to work now and is the most doable for our busy lifestyles is just adding a little "treat" mixed in with the kibble.  For example chopped up salmon and carrots or chicken and snap peas.  Sometimes if I don't have anything, I'll use a tiny bit of grated cheese.  Once she gets going eating, she'll eat everything including the kibble.  I'll keep a small container of whatever mixture in the fridge and just use 1 tablespoon or so of it.  And I'd say half the time, she'll eat her entire meal and sometimes just leave 1/2 or 1/3 of it….

  • I do 50% ground turkey and 50% veggies (cauliflower, broccolli, carrots, spinach, sweet potato). Sometimes fish instead of turkey. Got this recipe from a wonderful lady I board my dog with. Also, I add ground eggshell for the calcium. I think all the nutrients are there and then some. And I cook it all in virgin coconut oil. In the three years I've had her I've never seen her eat so well!
  • I'm glad it's not just me and my pup that face this problem and I'm glad that despite being picky all pups sound perfectly healthy. I was so frustrated for so long that I finally decided to venture out and see if this was just M.J. or there were others. I was starting to wonder if it was a symptom of something else but it really doesn't sound like it. Especially since she's perfectly healthy in every other way. :)

    @Gail and Bailey - Yeah, I would be happy with her eating in the middle of the night but basically if she doesn't eat with or around us (preferably with) then it isn't happening.

    @Gwyndolyn Morasko - I tried the chicken stock trick and it only worked the first time. If I add any sort of scraps of something she loves in order to motivate eating it doesn't work because she will either reject it entirely or pick out what she wants and leave the rest (something my last dog used to do but M.J. never met him so apparently he's communicating from the Rainbow Bridge).

    @Helga and Nimbus - Yeah, the pretending to eat her food trick has worked a number of times though I'm afraid to overuse it because I don't want it to stop working.

    @Linda and Callie - Yeah we've actually been going the homemade route for quite some time simply because we had to but I'm worried about her getting all the nutrients she needs and would rather just supplement with homemade. I am definitely not one of those people who refuses to give her any people food. As long as it isn't too high in fat, sugar or calories then we're fine.

    Again, I am so glad to hear the picky doodles community is in good health! :D

  • Wow Helga!  He is catching up to Kona's "normal" weight of 24 pounds.  But I'm starting to think Kona is liking his extra weight and "owning" it at 28 pounds.  

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F1bb-- our new puppy..doodle or poodle?

Hi everyone- new to forum! Our new puppy Charlie is being flown to us on Sunday. We are so excited but are nervous that we may not be getting the puppy we have dreamed about. Basically, we were on several wait lists for a miini doodle and when one became available, we rushed to put deposit. Later, we realized that she is actually an f1bb doodle. We have revived a few pictures and wondering if anyone has had a puppy who looks like ours and have any best guesses how she will grow. At the end of…

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How big will my mini goldendoodle get?

Our mini doodle Bentley is currently 4.8lbs at 5 weeks. He is the second smallest in his litter. Mom is an 18lb F2 mini goldendoodle and dad is an F1 mini goldendoodle and weighs 16lbs. Any guess on his expected adult size? Breeder thinks he will be around 20lbs full grown but it seems like he weighs a lot at 5 weeks to be 20lbs fully grown?

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When to neuter a medium gd?

My gd is 7.5 mths old -30lbs n is starting to dominate my 2yr old english golden retriever. She is spayed and 80lbs and they play good together until lately. He gets a little more agressive and tries to dominate her. I stop the behavior right away. I want him to get the full benefit of his hormones for growth, but not at the expense of be agressive to my gd. When are medium full grown?

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