• Christine, I’d love to see photos of your doodles now. They were such gorgeous puppies. 

  • Boy is it going to be fun at your house.  Both puppies are darling.  Enjoy the ride!

  • 'Doodle out' means looking like what we think a doodle looks like (whether curly or straight) - fluffy  with facial furnishings i.e.  beard, mustache.  Your guy most definitely looks like a doodle.  He is also adorable.  Look at the group "Where's the Poodle in my Doodle?" and you will see examples of doodles who don't have facial furnishings or the recognizable 'fluffy' look that resemble what one thinks a doodle might look like.

  • Wonderful coloring.  This second one will definitely be doodle-looking. It seems like you have a good plan, but siblings can be tricky.  It isn't always to the dogs' benefit because one often dominates the other, however, I know some of our members have made it work quite well.   I suggest you post a discussion on the front page asking for advice from those who have brought siblings into the home - suggestions; pitfalls; how the dogs are doing now that they are older. 

    • Great idea for the sibling dog owners post!
    • Thank you for the suggestion, I will do so! Female(Willow) is very curly, Bentley is the one I wasn't sure about but was really hoping he would doodle out vs be open faced:). They are both very sweet and the two smallest puppies from the litter.
  • They're adorable and you're right they don't look like sibs!  They sure have unique markings, sweet. Enjoy your new family members!

  • Not to discourage you, but you may want to research getting two dogs from the same litter. I've read of problems encountered with siblings. We personally were very close to getting two from the same litter, but after researching and asking for advice here on DK, we decided to do one at a time. Glad we did.
    Either way, congrats and good luck!
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