Anyone give nexguard to puppy?

My puppy will be 12wks this saturday and is due for flea/tick meds. The breeder put on revolution before we picked up and it works good. Went in for shots this past week and the vet gave us a sample pill of nexguard and said it works great. I've read some horror stories and success stories.

Wondered what your experiences are with nexguard?



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  • We have been using Nexgard and Heartgard since we got her, at 8 weeks, with no issue. She will be 2 this November.
  • I have been using Nexgard and Heartgard for a couple years and it works great.  No problems so far.  One time my dog ate the heartgard whole and threw it up a while later so I now cut it up and have her eat it in pieces.  She loves it!  I do the same with the Nexgard even though it is smaller. 

    • I also make sure to give them two or three days apart so if there was any issue, I would know which one caused it.

  • We have used Nexguard and Heartguard for our foods and haven't had any issues. They love it!
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