At 5 months, Belle weighs 13 pounds, and the puppy chart predicts that she will end up weighing 16 pounds (she was 8 pounds at 4 months). Does anyone have a picture of a 16-pound labradoodle that (s)he could post?  I've been looking at doggy car seats, and am wondering if the ones for up to 20 pounds will really be roomy enough for her and all her hair when she is full grown. The seats I have seen look so small. Also, I am so curious to see what she will look like! Thanks.

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  • I wouldn't put too much stock in the weight chart. I can tell you that Daphne weighed 15 lbs at 6 months, 20 lbs at one year and now at 3 years, she weighs 25 lbs. they just fill out a bit as they age. She is not at all overweight.
  • I think you're wise to wait until she has finished growing. Tara was 14 pounds at 5 months and ended up weighing 20 pounds as an adult. She is a mini ALD.  I think those puppy growth charts are just a guesstimate! :)

  • Thanks for the adorable pictures Helga and Bianca.  I enjoyed seeing your babies, but failed to reach any conclusion about the car seat. Bently would definitely fit comfortably in the seats I have been looking at, but it's hard to tell if Sierra, and her hair, would feel cramped in the space of the small car seat.  I think I'll have to wait until Belle is finished growing and have her try it on.  In the meantime, I'll just have to drive extra carefully while Belle is harnessed into the back seat, which I read is not really safe,and the crate is not an option because she throws up in it when the car is moving. Anyway, thanks for your help.

  • Not a Labradoodle, and a tiny bit bigger! Bentley is 17 lbs


  • Sierra is 18 lbs and a mini goldendoodle.



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