Are minidoodles more hyper?

I'm on the wait list for an ALD mini in Winter 2016, and as far as temperament goes, I asked for 'mellow'.  Do minis tend to be more hyper than mediums?  I know there's no guarantee, and temperament has both genetics and environmental/socialization influences, and some individual dogs are just plain different than others.

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  • Just got a medium goldendoodle..11wks now...very mellow around us and our cats. Acts totally different with our golden retriever (1.5yts old) and very playful n almost overally assertive to dominant. Other than that, very cuddley and loving and acts like a normal puppy should act...playful and fun!
  • Thank you so much, Missy and Kol, and everyone else!  It so helpful to hear from people who have real dog experience. DK is so helpful!

  • Our puppy is very chill, more on the reserved side.  She is very good at exercising with us though and she has grown to have more energy which we have encouraged.  She is content to lay near us or sit with us and cuddle in the home and is quite bright. 

  • I have a petite-mini and he is very chill.  I would recommend you go to 'play date' at about 5 or 6 weeks of age.  our breeder called it match day and you could always decide to not pick one from that litter.

    chat with the guardian family about personality...they have watched these pups grow up. and sit and observe how the pups interact with each other and people. 

    things I can look back to that 5 week age and see how the signs where there.  our pup did not really enjoy being in the pile of sleeping pups.  he was more of a 'all by myself'.  he was attached to the guardians kids and if I tried to hold him, he cried, but in the childs arm, he would play.  and the big thing I noticed: when momma came in the room to give a quick drink and then she left, our pup just went back to his sleeping position while the other pups stood and barked waiting for momma to come back.  and if the other pups tried to curl up next to him...if it got too many, he would move to another area.  I almost said no to this pup as I thought he was not very sociable.  but so glad I picked him!  he is very loyal and best of all 'content' with himself which I think is why he is mellow.  He is like...I have a toy, blanket, food and is good attitude. 

    2 years later: it took about a year before he would cuddle, but we crate trained that first year and now he sleeps with me in a bed!  from the first day home, he was always very mellow. he liked to play, but was quite content to just sleep by himself.

    congrats! and so exciting!!!

    • That's really good to know - I like your phrase 'content with himself'.   I won't be able to pick her; the breeder matches the puppy with the owner, and doesn't allow visits due to the risk of infection such as parvo.  That may be a good thing since I don't have much experience with dogs. 

      I'm so glad you have a dog that fits so well with you!  Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences with choosing mini pups!

  • Thank you so much for your observations!  I think I do have a good breeder, but its good to know there are some mellow minis out there!  Thanks again!

  • I don't know if I would call her hyper, but she does have energy. She loves to run and play and go for walks. She has a chuckit frisbee that she just loves. Last month she finally learned to catch it and it is by far her favorite activity and it really wears her out. She also loves to just chill on the sofa and watch tv with us. When we go on car rides, we never hear a peep out of her. She just sleeps. She is not a yapper like some small dogs are. We are 2 retired folks and she is perfect for us. She loves to play with the grandkids that are 6 and 3.

  • My ALD mini is not hyper and never was.  He was a normal active puppy though.  Of all the minis I have met - probably 20+ some were more active than others -  the same as standards - but they seem to settle with maturity. Going to a good breeder is very helpful when looking for specifics.  I do have to say my rescue is not hyper either and no one knows what his background is.

  • I can only speak for my two mini's. Both are very chill. They love to play, always ready to go walking, road trips, or whatever. But when I'm just chilling, so are they. I receive many compliments as to how calm they are.
    Maybe it has more to do with the temperament of their parents.
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