F1bb-- our new puppy..doodle or poodle?

Hi everyone- new to forum! Our new puppy Charlie is being flown to us on Sunday. We are so excited but are nervous that we may not be getting the puppy we have dreamed about. Basically, we were on several wait lists for a miini doodle and when one became available, we rushed to put deposit. Later, we realized that she is actually an f1bb doodle. We have revived a few pictures and wondering if anyone has had a puppy who looks like ours and have any best guesses how she will grow. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. Our son is completely in love and I could never back out now. The timing is right for our family to have a puppy and Charlie is on her way very soon!



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  • Charlie is gorgeous! Enjoy your new family member! 

  • She looks like my two when they were young. Both are from GoldenDoodle moms and Poodle dads. They are considered F1b. If you look at them, one has taken on the Golden Retriever characteristics and the other the Poodle. I saw both sets of parents. You never really know what they will look like as they get older. Mine are still pups, but very different. The white one is a Petite and the more apricot one is a Mini, yet right now they are the same size and 4 mo apart in age. Time will tell. But you will love her nonetheless. They are the sweetest dogs!!!!
  • Not familiar with f1bb, only f1b. Either way, she looks like an adorable girl.
    I agree she does look fluffy, also has the doodle face.

    Enjoy your new family member.
    • Neither was I! Apparently her mom is a poodle and her dad a micro goldendoodle f1b!
  • She's going to be nice and fluffy. Maybe somewhat curly too. Probably slightly less curly than the red one but more than my boys.


    • Thank you! I don't know why this crossing would be called f1bb. Sierra (my red one) and Clooney ( my apricot one) both have goldendoodle moms and poodle dads which makes them f1b. Nimbus, my white one is f2b, both parents goldendoodles.
    • Your dogs are absolutely gorgeous. We'd be very happy if Charlie grows to look like any of yours!
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