How big will my mini goldendoodle get?

Our mini doodle Bentley is currently 4.8lbs at 5 weeks. He is the second smallest in his litter. Mom is an 18lb F2 mini goldendoodle and dad is an F1 mini goldendoodle and weighs 16lbs. Any guess on his expected adult size? Breeder thinks he will be around 20lbs full grown but it seems like he weighs a lot at 5 weeks to be 20lbs fully grown?

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  • Apparently I was a crazy doodle mom when Luna was a puppy and weighed her weekly.  I trimmed it down a bit and here are her stats.  Her dad was a ~20 lbs mini  poodle, mom was a ~50 lbs golden.

    2 months: 7 lbs

    3 months: 12 lbs

    4 months: 16 lbs

    5 months: 20 lbs

    6 months: 24 lbs

    7 months: 28 lbs

    8 months: 35 lbs

    Adult weight: ~38-40 lbs

  • updated weight for my mini: 

    Elsie weight
    8 weeks-3.3 lbs
    12 weeks-4.2
    15 weeks- 8.4

    she doubled her weight in three weeks! thoughts? 

    • Annabelle is 3.5 years old. This is her growth until now. Elsie is already on track to being at least 16.8lbs as an adult, and she isn't even 16 weeks yet. But this is just a guesstimate, not set in stone. Though the formula worked for Annabelle. They do go through growth spurts, where they seem to put on a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Then it slacks off again. Just like human kids.

      10 weeks 4lbs

      11 weeks 4.4lbs

      12 weeks 4.8lbs

      13 weeks 5.4lbs

      14 weeks 5.6lbs

      16 weeks 7lbs, I doubled her weight at 16 weeks and added up to 5lbs for a mini to estimate her adult. She weighs 17lbs, so 3 more lbs than her doubled weight.

      17 weeks 7.4lbs

      18 weeks 8.2lbs

      19 weeks 8.5lbs

      20 weeks 9lbs

      21 weeks 9.2lbs

      28 weeks 11.6lbs

      1 year 14lbs

      3.5 years 17lbs

  • My mini ALD weighed 4.18 lbs at 8 weeks and now weighs 14.7 lbs at almost 3 years old. Both of her parents were larger, but the weight of the parents, while relevant, is not necessarily determinative. A pretty good indicator will be the pup’s weight at 4 months, doubled plus about 10 pounds (less for smaller minis). You may have more doodle to love. Enjoy the adventure!

  • How big is he now? My mini doodle's parents were VERY similar- his mom is an 18 pound F1 and his dad is a 12 pound poodle. He will be 2 in a month and a half, and he has been a steady 38 pounds. the runt of his litter is 11 pounds, and the 2 other dogs in his litter are 25 pounds. He was the biggest in the litter from the start- he was about 5 pounds at 5 weeks. It's still too early to tell, but yours will most definitely be larger than 20 pounds! Some minis grow a TON in their first few months and then almost stop, and some grow slow and steady. Charlie was on track to be way bigger- he was 13 pounds at 11 weeks. He was only 20 at 4 months, 30 at 6 months and 35 at a year old. He gained 3 pounds since turning 1 10.5 months ago. he's short and stocky, not tall and lean like a poodle. He is the same height as his siblings, just has a different body type. He's very athletic and not fat at all, just more muscle-y and sturdy, if that makes sense! 3367077952?profile=original

  • My goldendoodle is 3 months and weighs 5 big do you think she will get? It's so hard to estimate!

  • Based on my limited experience, I agree, that sound like a lot for a puppy expected to top out at 20 lb.  My mini goldendoodle, who is expected to be 30-40 lb full grown, weighed in at 5.15 lb when we took her to the vet right at 8 weeks old.

    • Oh wow. My breeder called my doodle a "small medium" and said he would weigh about 35 lbs full grown. Both mom and dad were between 30-40 lbs. He is 2 weeks shy of 1 year and weighs 36 lbs. Does that mean I actually have a mini?
  • That seems a lot at 5 weeks. My 25 lbs mini weighed 4.5 lbs at 8 weeks and my 22 lbs mini weighed 3.5 lbs at 8 weeks.
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