mini and medium doodle haircuts

Do you give any specific instructions when you have your mini-doodle or medium-doodle groomed?  How do you get your doodles to turn out so cute and goldendoodle/labradoodle specific? How did you choose which groomer to go to? Thanks.

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  • We were already using our groomer for our Springer and lab mix. She didn't know doodles but looked it up. Her partner does lots of little dogs, especially poodles, so we had a couple of mishaps as the partner gave bad (for doodles) advice.  Our groomer wanted to please us (we LOVE her) and we have worked through any miscommunications.  She shaved between the eyes for Ned's first cut and used to trim the eyelashes. We give her a Doodlekisses calendar each year so she can see the variations in doodle coats etc.  She does quite a few doodles now and works with the owners to cut the way they want their dogs cut.  For example, she cuts my son's doodle much shorter as that is how HE wants him to look. Once, we had admired a friend's doodles short and easy care cut and had her cut our guys short.  Not her fault, but they looked bad - just not a good look for our guys.

    • Thanks for all of the helpful & supportive advice and comments!  We are optimistic our doodle will be looking even better in the future!

  • It was a journey and I tried several different groomers who said they knew how to cut a labradoodle - Yeah, right!!  Finally. I found photos on the internet of how the cut should look and took that with me to the groomer and it took a couple of times but the groomer was definitely working with me and checking in with me to see if it was right.  We got it and Max has been going to the same person for years now!!

    I will never forget his first cut - he was 5 months old and a little fluff ball - after assurances that they knew exactly how to cut him, when I went to pick him up I did not recognize him and cried all the way home - like some past haircuts for myself:)

    • Lol! It is a traumatic event for humans and Doodles when they get a bad cut!
  • Kona is almost 3 years old and he's only had a professional groomer city 3 tims. I was very unhappy with all 3 so I groom him myself with scissors. I like a long shaggy look with long mustache, beard and ears. I cut his body to about 3 inches and keep a tube of hair all the way to cover his feet. Poodle feet are clipped very short on top of their feet.
  • Good advice!  Thanks, I think the "no shaving between the eyes" direction is a choice tip for next time.  How do doodle paws differ? I welcome this type of good advice from all sized doodles.I had started to wonder if there was also something that could further apply to the smaller brethren.  I have realized that if a mini is shaved too closely it can make them look a little more mouse-like and much less doodle-y.   Is there anything about  the length of the cut on the body versus the legs, for smaller doodles the stomach versus the chest,  or the back length of the fur versus the bottom length?

    • I don't do the grooming and mostly the length is a personal choice but Gwyndolyn is right, poodles get their feet shaved and Dooles hair actually covers their toenails. Poodles sometimes get their toenails painted and with Doodles you would never see that.
  • Pretty much the same for all size Doodles I would imagine. I tell them that I DONT want them shaved in between the eyes and I like their beards cut a little shorter to avoid getting so wet in the water bowl. I chose my groomer based on the fact that she was familiar with the Doodle cut already and had other Doodles that she cuts. When you call and ask about grooming, you should ask whether or not they have done Doodles. Their feet have to be trimmed different from a poodle and that seems to be where the problem for some groomers. If they can show you pictures or maybe even show you other Doodles...You might even be able to ask for references but Im not sure if that would be a privacy thing. Or ask if they can call you when they have a Doodle in for grooming.

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