My mini f1b goldendoodle Charlie is 19 weeks / 4 months and 1 week exactly. As of right now, he is 21 pounds and he has grown at least a pound a week for as long as I can remember. I feel as though if he were to stop growing this very second, he would still be a 25-30 pound dog just by filling out. However, he is still growing pretty quickly. My vet seems to think he will only be 30-35 max, but I'm thinking 40 at least. Does anybody else have a doodle who was around this size at his age? Any size that he might get is fine, as my only concern was that he would be less than 20 pounds full grown HA (there was a pup in the last litter who was only 13 pounds). His parents are both under 30 pounds. Thanks!!!


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  • Well, Charlie is 14 months old now! He was 36 pounds at 12 months, and when I weighed him a month ago at 13 months he was 37.5 pounds. He's probably 38 by now at LEAST! He's being groomed Sunday so I'll weight him there. He ended up being the most perfect size for me!!

  • Aww! love her coloring!

  • I just had the same question this week. Quinn is 1.5 weeks away from being 5months. She's a 19 lb multigen doodle. Her parents are both 25lbs. I spoke to the breeder and she said 25-30lbs max will be her adult weight. The vet said the same thing too. It's hard to believe when they are growing a pound a week. I guess we'll see ;) 3366989271?profile=original

    • Oh my! Quinn is a cutie-pie! And she matches your wall too! LOL

  • Charlie is gorgeous! I have a mini goldendoodle, and I weighed her weekly until she was about 10 months old and almost completely full grown. Her mom (who I have here!) is a 64 pound standard goldendoodle and dad was a mini poodle. At 8 weeks she was 5.8 pounds. At 19 weeks she was 14.4 pounds and at 2 years old she is right about 27 or 28. She was about half her adult weight at 19 weeks. The formula that people use is double their weight at 16 weeks and then add 5 - 10 pounds depending on how big they are supposed to be. Katie was 12 pounds at 16 weeks so the formula was pretty close for us. 

    I actually wanted her to be a tiny bit bigger. So I weighed her thinking she wasn't growing enough! But now I think she's a great size. She doesn't take up the whole bed and I can pick her up and carry her if need be. But I'm pretty sure whatever size she had ended up I would think was the perfect size. And I'm sure that however big Charlie ends up being he will be perfect too! 


    • Thank you!! Charlie was 8 pounds at 8 weeks which put him at 32 pounds full grown, and he is exactly 21 pounds at 19 weeks which would put him at 38. at 16 weeks he was 18 pounds which put him at 36 + up to 10. I think it's pretty safe to say he'll be at least in the mid 30s! It's just crazy because I've seen doodles who weigh around 35 pounds, and they look SO much bigger than Charlie! I agree with you, I will think whatever size he ends up is the perfect size :)

  • That sounds about right. I remember Daphne was always just a couple pounds more than however many weeks old she was. She pretty much had reached her full grown height at about 6 months old. And then she filled out a bit. Today at 4 years old, she weighs 25 lbs.

    Charlie is adorable!

    • Thank you!! The other thing is, he is allllll skin (fur) and bones! I don't think he's had a chance to fill out at all yet, so even if he stopped getting taller/longer he definitely could gain about 5 pounds just to fill out, which would already put him at 25/26 pounds. I'm actually taking him to the vet again today to get his last shot, so I will see how much he's grown in the past 8 days!

  • Your baby and his parents are all gorgeous! I can tell you of Tara's history although she is a mini ALD so it is a bit different. She is about 20-21 pounds as an adult. At Charlie's age she weighed about 12 pounds.  She had a few weeks when she gained close to a pound a week but she was younger then Charlie, more like 3 months or so.  I do remember a time when I thought Tara was going to be huge too. She just seemed to keep growing and really fast and then suddenly it stopped at around 7 months and 17 pounds. Then it took her a long time to fill out and put those last 3 pounds on.  So perhaps this will happen with Charlie too. 

    Many of us have discovered that genetics can be very tricky with mixed breeds and the size of the parents doesn't necessarily predict the size of their offspring. Often it does but every now and then... I once met a woman with a 100 pound doodle whose siblings were all around 50 pounds!

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