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For those with miniature and medium goldendoodles, did you find that the puppygrowth.com website was accurate when your doodle was full grown?  Have you used this site before? My doodle is currently 25 lbs and we were wondering what her weight would be when she's full grown.  Right now she is about 6 1/2 months.  

Also, when we bought our puppy we liked the parents' size.  We were looking for a dog about 40 pounds.  The parents seemed taller, and our ideal weight.  However, Kona is shorter (though we still love her just as much! :) ).  

The breeder remarked that the puppies won't get as big as the parents.  She is F2B.  Does anyone know why that would be?  We asked again if those were the parents and we were told yes.

Thanks for your help! :)

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  • Our puppy weighs 4.8lbs at 4 weeks, mom weighs 18lbs and dad weighs 16lbs. I tried that puppy chart thing and it came back 47lbs! Does that seem accurate?
    • Wow, I'm wondering how that worked out?

  • Annabelle weighed 7lbs at 16 weeks, at 6 months when I had her spayed she weighed 10lbs, at 7 months she had a big growth spurt before reaching her full adult weight at 8 months. She now weighs 14lbs. So at 16 weeks she doubled her weight. I put her info in that chart and they had her weighing 11.5lbs at adult. So that chart was a little off. The charts that say double their weight at 16 weeks and add up to 10lbs were spot on because with small dogs you don't add the additional weight.

    • Thanks for the useful information about the growth chart.  I was wondering about that.  Our dog lost almost 1 1/2 pounds after her spay, and then had to regain. She's starting to grow again for a net gain since the spay.  This caused the growth chart estimate to fluctuate…growing, shrinking, then growing dog.  We don't know what she weighed early on because we didn't have her until she was 5-6 months old, which seems to add to the mystery of what she will be like.

  • I at first tried to determine the size of our doodle.  I am not aware of the site you mentioned.  It can be stressful buying a dog with an unknown weight and size, but a good breeder knows about what size you will get from her breeding pair.  Obviously, there will always be an outlier in the litter mates. This is genetics!

    The f2B can be reached a couple of different ways, but generally it is two doodles as parents which means both parents carry genes from poodle and retriever in different quantities. Thus, there is no control on how your pup will turn out!  I refer to our dood as a high price mutt. lol

    We have a petite mini and we weigh 32 pounds. I am thinking it took us about 8 months to reach that, but in the first few months we grew rapidly.  I wanted to 'get' a 16 pounder, and we surpassed that within weeks!  Ours has the long legs and they grew long early on before we put the body weight on. It was like watching a teenager grow.

    There have been multiple litters from Teddy's parents and he is still on the bigger size out of all of the litters!  The average weight in all those litters is 26 pounds, with many being smaller than that. 

    My brother still laughs at us when we play with his Labrador as they are similar in size because I told everyone I was getting a petite mini!  With his long legs, he actually jumps over the Lab when they are running circles around each other.

    Kona is a cutie and I know you love her just the way she is!  It is a natural question to wonder what you will end up with?!  I kept wondering the same thing!  It does change the way you shop for crates, and plan for future travels!! I'd say you are almost there with the weight, but who knows, Kona might go thru a growth spurt here in the next few months.  I would say she will max out by a year. 

    • Sorry, it's http://www.puppychart.com

      Find out your puppy's adult weight
      How big will your puppy get? Find out on PuppyChart.com!
  • Puppies are like kids, I think! You can never control what you get. We know someone who bought a medium doodle who grew to be 100 pounds. We know someone else who thought she was getting a 20 lb dog, and the dog is only 12 lbs. Lexi is a small / Medium. She was supposed to be 25-35, and she's closer to 40 lbs. She was not quite done growing and thickening out until around 10 months. Remember, too, doodles can look like poodles or be stockier. So it really depends on how the weight is distributed, too. Our 40 lb-er with a full coat looks like she weighs closer to 50 or 60.... Sheared down, she's like a skinny little lamb. I think you just need to love your dog whatever size it turns out to be.

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