When to neuter a medium gd?

My gd is 7.5 mths old -30lbs n is starting to dominate my 2yr old english golden retriever. She is spayed and 80lbs and they play good together until lately. He gets a little more agressive and tries to dominate her. I stop the behavior right away. I want him to get the full benefit of his hormones for growth, but not at the expense of be agressive to my gd. When are medium full grown?

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  • He's probably close to full grown. The current thinking is not to neuter too early for health reasons. The rougher play is less that he is unneutered and more that he is playful. Your golden must be bigger and at two is young enough to handle your pup. Let her tell him she's had enough play. If he's humping her, you can give him a correction, but wait to see if she does it. It's a dominance power play and not sexual.
    • Thank you for the replies. I think he is near full grown. He is a f2 and his parents were 25 and 40...he is now 32. I was told that mini/medium are full growth by 8 or 9mths? Is this true?
  • My Mini Golden Doodle was neutered at 4 months and is 9 years old now and not problems.

  • Mine is a medium GD and currently weighs 32.4 lbs. He is 5 1/2 months old. I was told to wait until he's 18 months old by my agility instructor who's also a breeder.
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