For anyone who has a Doodle from Molly's Darling Doodles.
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  • Molly
    You have so many descendents of your Doodles and Poodles now that your REALLY must make them aware of DK:
    #1 They're missing out on a wealth of info ie.; from groups like "health issues", "grooming group" etc
    #2 You, Molly could actually set up a site for a "Molly's DarlingDoodles/Poodles Romp" this Summer! I think it would be awesome and everyone would be interested in seeing their dogs and puppies siblings of all previous litters and ages.
    I know your busy but you should contact the owners of your Doodles to join DK
  • Yes, I plan to as soon as things slow down here and I have more time to be on the site! Glad you found it!
  • Perhaps you could send the other new parents some sort of invites by e-mail or somehow else to join, otherwise how would they know know. I sort of stumbled into
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