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  • Expecting a doodle pup to our family this Thanksgiving ‘20. We have a rescue 10 year old AussieDoodle. Any advice on best ways to introduce them and manage cohabitation during first months?
    • We just did this 3 weeks ago. 10 week old pup and 10 YEAR old labradoodle. It's been going great. How is your aussiedoodle with other dogs? That will probably be how s/he is with the pup. Boca is very excited about other dogs, but tends to ignore them once they have met. So she was very worked up, riled up, and greeted enthusiastically but only plays when puppy initiates and keeps bugging her. She's very calm with him...occasionally will chase him, which I stop because she's just too much bigger right now.

      The way I introduced was as soon as puppy got home, we let puppy sniff out and play in the yard, go potty, etc. 20 minutes or so? Then we brought Boca out, off leash, and let them meet and put Boca away if things got too rowdy. Then we managed their time together as needed. Sometimes I didn't want Boca distracting puppy so he could potty or I didn't want to supervise wrestling or I needed puppy to have time with a food toy or vice versa so they were kept behind crates/gates as needed.
  • Terrific!
  • We have 10 dogs in our immediate family.  All are invited for holidays.  Five are Doodles.  Here is 5 waiting for dinner.



  • Thanks Nancy, Ned, and Clancy! Your dogs are adorable!
  • Congrats on your new puppy, Danielle.  My mom had Westies - what great dogs.

  • Hi! I am so glad to have found this group. We have a 10 year old ( we think, he is a rescue so his exact age is not known) Westie named Dugan who has been with us for 8 years. This summer we lost his "brother" and playmate and he had withdrawn from playing and seemed down. We thought getting a puppy would be a good idea to reinvigorate him and also to grow up with our 9 month old and 5 year old human children. We brought Kallie, a f1 standard Goldendoodle home 5 weeks ago. She is now 15 weeks. It has been an interesting adjustment. Dugan has not wanted to play with his new sister, but he has tolerated her. She is always playbowing and barking at him trying to get him to play, but he ignores her (it probably is less bothersome to him then it otherwise would be because he is deaf and cannot hear her barking at him).
  • I took my three on a walk on the trail behind the beach today and they were great. When we were walking out, I saw a bird (dove) sitting on a post and I thought it was a sculpture.  I said, "You are so beautiful, you look real."  He turned his head and I realized he was real.  He just stayed on the post as we walked behind him.  I had the two larger doodles on pronged collars and the little one on a halter, but I usually walk them one at a time.  It worked just fine with three dogs, however.

  • Hello everyone! I will be picking up doodle number 2 on April 25th so I'm looking for lots of new tips to make the transition smooth on the new puppy and Loki. So excited to see what I can learn here and meet the new fluff ball!
  • Welcome and hope that rollercoaster ride is great!

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Introducing puppy to older dog

We have an older AussieDoodle, probably around 11 years old. We adopted him 10 years ago this October. In March we lost our Webster who was 12 1/2 yrs old. They were the best buds from the beginning. Fitz, the rescue we have now, has always been a fearful dog. We never know exactly how he will react to new dogs. He can be friendly with one and bark aggressively at another. We have placed a deposit on a multi-gen puppy. Not sure whether we will get one in the  litter due late Sept. or the next,…

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How much should I allow our older dog to correct the new puppy?

I've had my new pup (10.5 weeks) for about a week now and things have been going okay considering he's a little ball of energy!  My current dog is about 5 years old and has been doing his best to tolerate the little guy.  They are actually really good together in the front/backyard (no growling from the older dog) - the older dog even tries to play with him sometimes.  Once inside is where the growling occurs.  The puppy learned early on to leave our older dog alone and has been good about not…

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You are probably wondering why I joined this group... (Partial Question)

Hello everybody!Like the title says, you might be wondering why I joined this group.  You probably are not because you probably have no Idea who I am. But if you just stopped reading and quickly looked at my account, you will see why you might be wondering. At the moment, We have one doodle, Bella! She is a Goldendoodle. She is now a little over a year and we are thinking of adding a second doodle.(yay!) We are debating on a few different kinds, but leaning toward one or two (breeds of doodles.…

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