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Introducing puppy to older dog

We have an older AussieDoodle, probably around 11 years old. We adopted him 10 years ago this October. In March we lost our Webster who was 12 1/2 yrs old. They were the best buds from the beginning. Fitz, the rescue we have now, has always been a fe

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Gracie is obsessed with the puppy!

Gracie loves the puppy, but I feel it's to the point of obsession. She just has to be right there playing with Jade. Is this just because they are both still puppies just a year apart?On the other hand Barkley keeps his distance unless he wants to pl

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Adopting a 2nd Dood

Hi everyone! I'm new to this group and have a question for y'all. I have a 15 month old male goldendoodle who is totally sweet and non-aggressive around other dogs. We want to get him a dood sibling, but prefer not to go through the puppy madness aga

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