I've had my new pup (10.5 weeks) for about a week now and things have been going okay considering he's a little ball of energy!  My current dog is about 5 years old and has been doing his best to tolerate the little guy.  They are actually really good together in the front/backyard (no growling from the older dog) - the older dog even tries to play with him sometimes.  Once inside is where the growling occurs.  The puppy learned early on to leave our older dog alone and has been good about not annoying him too much.  However the older dog will sometimes growl when the puppy is minding his own business playing with a toy.  When this happens I tell our older dog to "leave it" as the puppy is doing nothing wrong.  He also growls when the puppy does something he shouldn't like jump on the coffee table, steal shoes, etc.  One side of me thinks I should let the older dog continue to growl and teach him what's right and wrong in these situations.  The other side of me thinks I should be the only one to discipline the puppy and perhaps the older dog is overstepping his bounds.  Any advice on how much I should let the older dog correct the puppy??

Thank you!

*I should also mention it's been a little over 1 week with the new puppy and so far there have been 2 scuffles between them inside the house.  These are the usual altercations that sound scarier than they are - the older dog doesn't actually hurt the puppy and the puppy runs away yelping blooding murder.  This is my first time having 2 dogs and it can be hard to tell if its normal adjustment period stuff or if its more serious than that. 

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