Hello everybody!

Like the title says, you might be wondering why I joined this group.  You probably are not because you probably have no Idea who I am. But if you just stopped reading and quickly looked at my account, you will see why you might be wondering. At the moment, We have one doodle, Bella! She is a Goldendoodle. She is now a little over a year and we are thinking of adding a second doodle.(yay!) We are debating on a few different kinds, but leaning toward one or two (breeds of doodles. not a third yet!) Anyway, we would like to wait until she(Bella) is almost, or is 2.  Just so she kind of gets over being a puppy:)

So I have a question... How do I introduce them once the new dood comes? I want to introduce them right so that they don't have any problems.

Thank You!




I am totally aware that the first half of the first paragraph MAKES NO SENSE AND AM NOT EVEN SURE WHY I WROTE IT!

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  • We introduce in the back yard like Adina does.  Let new dog into the back first, then let the old dogs out so they can meet.

    • Thank you! I will do that! The reason I made this so early is so I don't forget by the time we get her.(we don't have a breeder yet:)

  • How I've introduced mine:
    I keep my old dogs in the house.
    I let my "new" dog run around the yard and sniff it out.

    Then I let the old dogs out and they meet. 

    The end.
    It's never been a big deal, but my dogs have been pretty chill with new dogs.  Hyper and excitable, but overall no dominance issues and they have met many many dogs in this way (friends' dogs, random dogs who were running loose and I caught so they wouldn't get run over, etc).

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