In conversation with other DK members I have found that there are a lot of fun links out there to get bling, countdown calendars, backgrounds and other fun stuff to build "My Page" with. I think it would be fun if other members shared their secrets!
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  • Why are my pictures sideways??? On my phone and laptop they are shown the correct way, but when I load them to my DK page they are rotated? This is driving me insane.

  • Thanks Nancy, I will give it a try!

  • Nancy is correct, but it is a compliment whenever anyone confuses me with Nancie.   Glittergraphics is the site I use for backgrounds and inserts in discussions or to decorate my page. When I go to glittergraphics, I choose from the column on the left - backgrounds for example.  Then when that screen appears, I scroll down to the bottom and click on backgrounds again and enter the theme I am looking for like spring. Then when I see one I like I click on it and use the html embed code in the Advanced section of my page.  For the cute little animations in the discussions, click on the embed code and in the discussion reply be sure to click on html before pasting the embed code in.

    I don't know how some of the others are inserting color and font changes in their discussion replies.

  • I would love some help with that too! I am also on Mac.

  • Sorry about that, "Nancie"!

  • Nancy I would love to use some of the really cute graphics, pictures and font, but do not have a clue on how or where to find them.  I am on a Mac and have tried a couple of sites off the internet with no success. Hope you can lead me in the right direction, thanks:)

  • You weren't a bother at all.  I have a Mac and I can drag pictures to my iphoto. I was hoping that the one I posted on your page would work like that for you.  I am glad that you finally got it to work.  I don't know why some  of the photos rotate but I have noticed that others have sideways pictures also.

  • Nancy, Thank you so much for your help. I was getting frustrated last night and had other things I needed to do. Today I rotated the photo on my computer. Saved it. Closed my browser. Restarted my computer and tried again. This time it worked! I'm so glad to have my big boys represented instead of one little puppy and his big brother. 

  • I rotated it on my computer and it uploaded on it's side the other way. Then I rotated it on my computer again and it uploaded the way it is. I tried another picture and alas it too is rotated. I am a little frustrated that I tried to update the picture now. I don't know how to get any photo on in the right way. ugly. I'm sorry I failed at this. I shouldn't have bothered you, Nancy.

  • I don't now how to get it from my page to my profile picture but I will rotate it on my computer. That is a very good suggestion. Thank you, Nancy. There isn't an option to rotate the profile pics. Thanks again.

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