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  • Tracy, I hope you find a product that you feel comfortable with. I decided on Heartworm free because of the research and development phase of the product  Wolf Creek Ranch has the information on their site. During that time they were using it to TREAT heartworm (which they still do) and the results were pretty impressive even though the studies were fairly small.

    Liana,  Diana is in Australia also but she does distance consultations. My last dog Ebony developed seizures after a surgery and no one (including other holistic vets) were able to help him except Diana. I was so impressed and so grateful. Her remedies and dietary recommendations completely eliminated his seizures. She carries a product similar to the one that you mentioned. Here is a link to her site:

  •  Rickie and TaraBear, and Liana & Jindi,

    Thank you both so much for the information.  I am going to check into both.  I sent my vet the information that you sent me. My vet sent an email earlier today, and said that Interceptor could be given at one-fifth the regular dosage to kill heartworms only, without controlling intestinal parasites.  She also said that she could not get her hands on it, because production has been suspended at this time.  Thank you both so much.

  • Forgot to say they work closely with vets to provide optimal & responsible pet care advice. What more could you ask for.

  •  Hi Ricki & TaraBear, no it is from Julie Massoni at GREENPET here in Australia." The Complete Pet Company" shop that I get Jindi's raw food from sells a lot of Julie's products & is an all natural organic shop. Jenny who owns" The Complete Pet Company has combined forces with Eileen from " Natural Animal Care "who has qualifications in vet nursing & animal homeopthy to form  " The Completely Natural Pet Centre " So I have a one stop all natural place to go to & it is great.

  • Liana, do you get that from Diana Moon-Hayes? I've done business with her in the past and was quite impressed. If it is her than I imagine this product is available on line from her website? And I agree with your last sentence!! So true!

  • I use herbal drops that I got from an animal naturopath which contain black walnut hulls & homeopathic Dirofilaria immitis nosode. I give it to Jindi 3 times a week & we really don't have a lot of mosquitos. If you live in high risk areas it is 5 times a week. A lady I know has been giving this product to her dogs for years & they have never got heartworm, she lives in a high risk area. My vet was not very pleased when I told him Jindi was on herbal drops & said the person should be reported because the only way to keep heartworm under control is by poison ( he didn't say poison ) I have been meaning to take Jindi back to have his heartworm checked to show him that the drops are working but haven't got there yet. I just don't understand why a lot of people boo hoo natural things especially if they haven't tried it. Reminds me of the saying :- The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about.

  • Tracy I think most areas of the U.S. have problems with heartworms but not year round like you probably do and not to the degree that you do. I have one friend who lost their dog to heartworm and another who had to have 2 of her dogs treated for it so unfortunately even here in Southern Oregon we have it enough to be a concern.  We treat Tara during the late Spring, Summer and Fall months. Heartworm Free is the only thing I have used for Tara. She is 3 years old now. I found that it was a bit harsh for her so I worked with the company to come up with a protocol that she could tolerate. They are very helpful and are willing to work with you if you have any issues with the product.  The stronger dose daily for a week was causing her to have diarrhea but we give her smaller doses for a longer period of time and it worked fine.  I just had her tested for heartworm and she is negative.

     Fleas are such a hassle!! Here is a link to the CedarCide site if you want to check it out for some possible ideas for the flea problem:

    It sounds like you are doing a great job of helping your boys live a natural life! :)

  • Ricki and TaraBear, and Barbara,

    OK.  I so drove to our  Vet that is traditional and Chinese Veterinary Medicine and acupuncture.  I said holistic earlier.  Not quite holistic.  The boys went and had their blood work to test titers again.  Thanks for all the information.  I have another question.  I know most of you don't have issues with heart worm's in your area.  We do in our area.  Do you know of a safe alternative to the chemicals?  I have noticed this, but don't know of anyone that has tried this,  Our vet is up for not giving vaccines unless needed, and natural flea treatment, but not heart worm.  I changed them to a raw diet last year.  They had always had the Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw before the switch.  I am doing good on all fronts but the heart worm now.  The fleas are a real battle this year.  We had no issues last year, when I took them off chemical flea treatment.  One dog is doing great, the fleas don't care for him.  The other dog, I am constantly spraying the lemon conditioner that Barbara posted, Neem or Apple cider vinegar mix.  

    Natural Heartworm Treatment Helps Eliminate Canine Heartworm
    HeartWorm Free is a natural heartworm treatment for dogs
  • Barbara, They said they were both low.  One I think was 4 and one was 5.  We have two Vets.  The traditional/holistic is about 30 minutes away.  We have a traditional Vet here in town that I keep them established with.  They see both Vets once a year.  I only keep the one here in town for emergency.  I went to the one here in town for the titer test.  I would not normally see the traditional here in town for the titer test.  I was just feeling lazy.  I am going to go ahead and do another titer test with the traditional/holistic that they see also.  The traditional/holistic says she does not believe either are that low. Thank you for so much information.  I almost said go ahead and give it.  I am so glad that I did not.  By law, we have to do rabies shots here.  My traditional/holistic Vet uses the one year shot, and says it is the three year.  At four years, she said she would no longer give the rabies to either of my dogs.  She will give them exemptions for life.  I will just check the titer every 3 years.  I am really not sure how much trouble she can get in for saying it is the three year rabies shot, and it is actually the one year.  I think I learned my lesson having to pay for the titer test twice.  Lol.  The traditional/holistic use to work at the office in town here, and that is how we did that set up.  They have several in the practice here, but one in particular they saw, and that one was not in that day.  I have learned a very expensive lesson, but I love my guys, and want to do right by them.

  • Vet situation is not great here either Ricki, I try to stay up on the latest info and vet accordingly.  Wish I could find a vet that was more interested in staying on top of the latest, than making money on shot visits :(

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How do I find a "natural" vet

Hi, I am getting a new pup in the next few weeks and I would very much like to go with a minimal vaccine protocol such as that suggested by Dr. Dodd. I am about 30 miles south of Atlanta and so far I cannot find anyone who is on board with this plan. Any suggestions on how to find a vet who is at least open minded about more natural approaches. Do I have to just call everyone in my area?

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hip dysplasia?

I hopefully will be getting a Goldendoodle this year. Was thinking about the Hip Dysplasia. Is there any "natural" ways to try to prevent that. For me what comes to mind is giving the dog a natural dog diet even some "raw" food. Also making sure the dog gets the right dog vitamins, which would supplement his diet.I have changed out cats food over to more natural diet and do give her cat vitamins. I do go with these foods, Pure Vita - (Dry Food Grain Free Chicken), Blue, Innova, Taste of the…

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Vet Question

Not sure if this is the right area, but I'm looking at getting a Goldendoodle probably after the summer time.  I look at a few breeder's contracts. They both require a vet check 72 hours after bringing home the puppy which I don't mind at all. We have a vet that now comes to our house so the puppy will not be "exposed" to other animals in a vet clinic. My question is what are we "require" to check and what tests can she do? Also does the vet normally call the breeders vet? We switched to having…

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