Recommendation for a groomer in San Jose/Bay Area

Hi All,

I wanted to check if anyone can provide a recommendation for a groomer in San Jose/Bay Area who are good with cutting a goldendoodle hair. I have gone to petco for couple of times. first time they gave a cut like a Poodle and second time, they shaved so much hair around his face (I had asked them to trim hair around his eyes) that he lost his teddy bear goldendoodle look.

Appreciate if someone has a recommendation that we can go to and not have to worry about how our doodle will turn out after the visit.



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  • Oooops the Groomery
  • Hello, we see nikko @ the groomers on pearl & branham. Love her. She does a great job & is always open to your feedback/suggestions. My aussiedoodle is 23lbs & I pay $73.
  • Hi Raj and Teddy,

    My name is Lisa and we have a 5 year old Goldendoodle named Maizy and live in Campbell. We too are on a quest to find a great groomer who knows how to cut a Goldendoodle. Our experience with Petco was not good. We have been with a groomer over the last few years that has been pretty good but she has decided to go into mobile grooming and has more than doubled her rates. If I find someone new, I will definitely pass on!
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