We love our doodles in Ohio. If you live in Ohio give a shout here!
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  • I'm looking for a good groomer in the Columbus area. Anyone out there have anybody. I live actually in Canal Winchester so the south or east side would be best. Thank you and hoping to get some good recommandations.

  • Looking for a good breeder in Ohio. I wish I had 2500 to 3000 to spend but I only have about 1200. Does anyone know anyone they can recommend me too?

  • Yes! Join us on Saturday at GoDown Park at 10am for our next meet-up!

  • Hello Susan! Follow @columbusdoodles on instagram and on Facebook for our monthly meet-ups! We have so much fun!!
  • Hello, Oliver and I live in Columbus. Always looking for new doodle friends!

  • Ragley already LOOKS awesome hahaha! I'd love to. Obviously seeing as how he is only 2 weeks old it will be some time. But I'm glad I found this resource!
  • Ragley and I live in Columbus and would love to meet up for play dates once your puppy is old enough!


  • My English mini goldendoodle was born 5.30.16....having a hard time waiting for the weeks to go by! Anyone in Columbus? Once he has his vaccinations I'd love to meet up for some romps and socialization work!
  • Hi.  I live in Northeast Ohio (Lake County).  Gatsby is a 4 month Doubledoodle.  Any doodles in our part of Ohio?

  • Hello! I am in Marysville, OH with a 15 month old mini golden doodle. 

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NE Ohio

Hi all.  We live east of Cleveland.  Anyone in that area know of a good doodle groomer?  We got our Lucky back in February, and I haven't had him groomed yet because he doesn't have all of his shots, but we're almost there.  :)  

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Doodle in Need of a Good Home in Ohio

I tried to reach out to this ad on Craigslist.  I did give information on the rescue groups available.   I don't know if that is the direction they want to take.They are very interested in a GOOD home it seems, and I know our members have great homes.If you are interested....please talk with this person about their Two Year Old Doodle!Does anyone remember who was looking for a doodle around two years old in Columbus area of Ohio. It was posted a few weeks ago.Here is the CL ad.My best wishes to…

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Doodle Groomer in Cincinnati Ohio.

Can anyone recommend a good doodle groomer in Cincinnati?Here is what happenedOkay, I am a first time doodle owner and my Cally went in for her first grooming today and I was horrified when I picked her up. I only took her in for a sanitary cut and asked them not to touch her face....not only did they touch her face...they shaved it! I specifically told them she is a doodle to and they gave her a poodle face! Needless to say I am finding a new groomer.Edit: There is nothing wrong with a poodle…

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