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  • Buddy passed his TDI/CGC cerification last night. I am so proud of him. Once I get the paper work done I plan to take him visiting in the hospital I work at.
  • Yesterday was Buddy's first birthday. He is from Juan and Lemmy. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!
  • Rachel i'm sure you have tried this already but I would make sure you have tons of different types of toys for Buddy. Squeeky rubber ones (soft and hard), balls, rope toys, dishtowel knotted up, tennis ball tied inside a sock. Maybe if you have a lot of different variety of toys for Buddy he will start to choose those over your personals. Also I only let Kensi play with the toys for about a week then I put them away and switch them out for others (i keep rotating) that way she doesn't ever get board of them. Rawhide roll ups are good also. They last much longer than the rawhide bones b/c they are much firmer and harder to chew.
  • Buddy is 9 months old now and still eats everything (trash, stuff animals, socks, my daughter's quilt, etc.) He seems to have stop growing. Has anyone noticed their doodles still grow a lot after 9 months (48 pounds)? Any advice on the eating problem? Buddy is from Juan and Lemmy.
  • Hi Pauline! Kensi is doing much better today, she is pretty much acting like her active self. She is actually a puppy from Juan and Lilly born in July 08. She is so much fun and is such a good girl so far. She has run of the house all day while I am at work and doesn't need a kennel anymore. I have gotten very lucky so far. I am already thinking about getting her a sister sometime this summer!!
  • Hi from Zeus, another OMD. Hope Kensi is doing OK after her surgery. It is much easier on the boys. We live in NC and have managed to find some of Zeus' littermates not too far away. They were a year old in Dec, but still act like puppies. Their dad was Kane and mom Dolly. Is Kensi a Kane puppy? She is too cute!!!
  • Kensi was just spayed today. She is not eating or drinking anything yet, the vet said to wait until tomorrow then see how she is doing. She weighed in at 35lbs at 6 months old. I have posted some updated photos of her. Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year.
  • Buddy just got fixed today. He will not lay down with the hallo thing on and he looks so tired. I took it off but he licks the incision sight. Any suggestions? He looks so sad and scared.
  • Any OMD Doodles near Virginia Beach?
  • When does your puppy normally stop growing? Buddy is 5 months now (37 pounds) and does not seem tobe growing very much.
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