For owners of just one doodle.  Tell your story, why you have one and why you probably won't be adding another.


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  • We are all fun and games, I have to admit their house is no competition. They are a busy family.

  • Lisa, that is so sad.It sounds like Bella would like to live with you and have Daisy as her full time big sissy. It's sounds like you're the Disneyland parents! All fun and games at your house!

    SAD - Trasporto Locale
  • Thanks Ricki I agree. Bella did not want to go home, when we got there and opened the door her "real" Mom had the front door opened, she ran half way up the lawn and then turned back around to our car....once we were in she grabbed her new toy and headed to the door to leave with us. They had to hold her back.

    Her Mom texted me that Bella was moping and looking miserable...Daisy did a bit of moping herself. I think they have a love/hate relationship. Ha ha.

  • Lisa, I think you have the best of both worlds! One doodle most of the time and a visiting doodle to give you a little extra doodle love once in a while. I think Tara would be a jealous girl with another dog in the house too. She keeps a close eye on the cat and doesn't like for Amber to get too much attention. And if I give loves to the neighbor's dog Tara acts like it's the end of the world.

    Sounds like Miss Bella is a busy girl!

  • Ha, just heard a loud crash in the you can't guess which doodle was counter surfing in there! Butter dish on the floor, luckily it was empty.

  • Again I have reiterate the joy of having one, not two least in part. I understand why it would be different if I had two that were always mine.

    We have Daisy's sister Bella this weekend (since Thursday), though I love her to death SHE is a handful. She loves coming here because we play and play all day....also she is not crated like when she is at home (during the day) except at bed time. Here she is tired at night and sleeps well through. However, there is rarely a moment when we are not entertaining them both. If I play with her that means Daisy wants in on the action as well. It's very hard to get one jealous only to settle down so we have two very demanding doods at once.

    Daisy sleeps in till quite late on the weekends, but the minute a sound is heard we gotta get the little one out. Then of course we gotta play before we are really ready. They do play together when we come in but that's so loud.

    So happily, but with a slightly heavy heart, we relinquish Bella back to her real home and enjoy our little girl.

  • I agree, we only had one child so it stands to reason that we would only have one dog....I love it this way. Next week we are puppy sitting (Bella, Daisy's sister), can't wait to see how that works out. And the first two weeks of September we will have DD Lily (the boxer), I already know that will be a crazy ride, I can hear the stampede up and down the stairs already.

  • I'm with you Cheryl! I've had two dogs before and it just creates an entirely different dynamic in the household! Not bad really but just different. I prefer the dynamic of  the one doodle household. For all the reasons you mentioned and because I love being Tara's only snuggle buddy! :)
  • I am a one doodle owner and always will be! She is enough!! I couldn't imagine walking two, feeding two, or playing with two. When her doodle friend comes over I am ready to pull my hair out after the hour!! More power to the two doodle owners, it's just not for me!
  • Today I found out that a friend is getting a true sibling to my Daisy, she lives just 10 short miles away....this is so exciting because I will be her official babysitter, after other friends and family members, we at least until I get my hands on her. So maybe I will be part time Double Doodler, sometimes at least!

    So excited!

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why we only have one

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