This group is for anyone associated with OregonLabradoodles breeding program such as adoptive parents, guardian breeders, service dog organizations, trainers, other breeding programs, as well as friends and families
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  • Rob and I thought the parent of the year award comment was great Dave. Sorry to hear he is taking a while to get adjusted to the climate change. All the pups were outside playing in the 100+ weather up here in the NW so I would think he would adjust easily but the pool sounds like a great idea. Just remember to take it slow and easy with introducing him to water. Treats, affection and showing him how and where to get out of the pool is the extent of my advice on that one. There is actually a group on here (Doodlekisses) called swimming doodles so they may have some good techniques for you as well to introduce Spencer to water. Most of our doodles just follow each other's lead and jump in the water once one of them takes the plunge. Their favorite toy being thrown in is usually all it takes.
  • Spencer is loving his new digs...just not liking the heat so much. Thanks to the great northwest upbringing he went outside in a Monsoon to do his business and didn't even flinch. Once the Vet gives the ok, he'll be introduced to the pool. I expect to get a parent of the year award as television watching is down 14% in the kids.
  • I am happy to hear that CoCo is loving her new home.What a delightful Christmas package! She is a determined little Doodle. She has a great personality. I have her brother Reily (LJ).
  • WELCOME ALL! Hope to see this group grow in size as the OregonLabradoodles breeding program grows. Congratulations Sheila on breeding such great dogs for the past 8 years!

    As a guardian breeder for Sheila, I know it will be great to see pictures and hear stories about how our little ones are doing in their new homes. It will also be great to hear what is new with the OregonLabradoodles breeding program. Sheila, can you tell us more about your new addition? Maybe some pictures?
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Celie and Logan pups are a year old this month!

It would be great to see how Celie and Logan pups have grown throughout the year. What are some of your favorite stories and/or pics of your doodles over the last year? I have heard that the size of the pups have ranged from 35-55 pounds. Did your pup stay the same color and what does their hair look like now? Hope all is well with all Doodle families!

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Reily (LJ) Update

Reily made his appearance at the Wolf to Woof exhibit at the World Forestry Center in Portland on Jan 3rd and 4th. Reily was showing people what he has learned at Paws to Freedom. This was his first time wearing a Service Dog vest and he really seemed to like being dressed for work. He got lots of attention and praise from many visitors at the exhibit. I am very pleased with how well he did with so many different people and new experiences. Everyone was quite impressed that he was so well…

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Hi All! This is a great idea Scott! Love to see al wonderfull doggies Sheila bred!To see what Logan's doughter does..look at my page or look at: from Holland!

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